Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back from California and missing it already!

Hey everyone it has been a little over a week since I returned from California, my choir was preforming there at Disneyland. It is a little late, but I was just loading my pictures of the trip on to my computer. Here are some of them of you. Me with my oh so lovely pink skullcandy headphones that keep outside noise out on the bus....trust me after the first six hours you need them....

For dinner we stopped in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was fun but extremely windy and dirty. I felt like I was going to be blown away walking to my destination here are some pictures from that, you can even see all the dirt in the air in the pictures!

Look at Alicia's hot blue shorts!!!!

After our wind adventure in Nevada, and great deal many more hours on the bus, and with one unexpected pit stop, we arrived to our hotel!

These were the gorgeous girls I roomed with! ( I know I look horrible...keep in mind that I just spent the entire day on a bus and it was passed midnight when this picture was taken....) We had some good times, door ditching valentines on the boys floor after curfew, making our entire floor smell like burned popcorn (sorry to all the girls that went on this trip, yes that was us...) singing along to shows like Hair Spray, Wicked, and Enchanted that Ashley A. so kindly provided, and many more fun things that I will not go into because this blog is going to be long enough as it is. The Hotel itself was beautiful! each room had like its own little living room, and a balcony. I will admit I was tempted to pull out my Ukulele go out on it and start singing Moon River. In the lobby of the hotel there was a gorgeous atrium with a stream that ran through it, with beautiful koi fish swimming through it. I took lots of pictures of this but have yet to load them. At one point I was walking over the bridge and I looked down to find nine koi fish clustered and looking up at me, I really wish I had had my camera at that moment.

There is a bad picture, sorry it is fuzzy my camera was dying so the quality is really bad.

Me and my friends at the entrance of Disneyland!

The real princesses of Disney right here!

I don't know why but for some reason we felt like being ugly and tucking our shirts in, there will be lots of pictures you see of us doing this....

Tower of Terror was so much fun, this was the ride we went on the most. This was Brenna's first time with any ride like this, look at her face lol. But in the end she was glad we talked her into it.
Our stylish shoes!

Chels got a little excited on one of the rides....actually she just sat in the wrong place in splash mountain lol.

After 14 hours in Disneyland we had a little too much energy waiting for the buses lol.

I'm the one on the far left lol. In the image above.
This was supposed to be the evolution of life...lol or at least it turned out looking like that, lol.

Well that is all the photos of the trip I have for now I hope you enjoyed them!

Monday, February 25, 2008


While I was on tour with A cappella in California we went and saw wicked in the theater in Hollywood! It was amazing! I loved it! It was cool, while we were waiting to be admitted in, we were outside of the theater and there were these three black guys singing, they were really good, and nice. It was also interesting to see the few people they selected out of our group to sing and dance with them act black. Its interesting, in Provo, Utah you seldom get the chance to meet people like that.