Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Dad, I know that you and I too often clash heads, but thank you so much for always being there for me. You are the one who taught me that magic is everywhere and all you have to do is look for it. I have had a lot of good memories with you but I will always treasure the memory of you reading Lord of the Rings to me at night when I was a little girl and falling asleep to the sound of your voice.

I love you Dad, I hope you had a great Fathers Day!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Love To Ride My Bicycle!

(No, sadly this isn't my bicycle. Yes, Tanner, I did steal this from your blog: http://tansbeachcruisers.blogspot.com/. Hook me up I want it!!!!)

After I finished eating dinner (that I made for once) I headed out on my bicycle and zipped through the neighborhood. It had stopped raining and was pretty decent outside so I had to jump...or bike (I am so clever, ha ha) at the chance. It was so much fun! On my expedition I passed a house that had such pretty rose bushes planted towards the edge of the yard. There was one bush of roses in particular that I found fascinating and beautiful, it did not consist of one main color, but three! The centers varied between vibrant yellows and oranges, and the middles and the ends contained explosions of pink. Not only was this unusual rose bush colorful, but the flowers were gigantic and smelled divine.

I can't wait to see what treat I will discover on my next bicycle adventure! :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happiness is a Milkshake!

For as wonderful as it feels to wake up early every morning and do pilates and yoga, let me tell you, it feels just as wonderful to run down to DQ at nine o'clock at night, order and completely devour a milkshake! .....................It may feel a little bit better:P

Friday, June 12, 2009

Its Thunder Cake Time!

"As summer clouds drift low over the fields..."grandmother looked at the horizon, drew a deep breath and said, "This is Thunder Cake baking weather, all right. Looks like a storm coming to me." - Patricia Polacco

Greetings everyone, from where I am reporting from it is the first major rainstorm of the summer! ha ha. I just came in from...thoroughly enjoying it, and although I took time to first change into warm pajamas and wrap myself snug in a quilt I am still simultaneously shivering as I type.

When the storm started I was leaving the movie theater parking lot. The rain hadn't started to fall yet, but the wind violently whipped my hair about in every direction as I ran to my car. In the distance I could hear thunder, and was reminded of an old children's book I used to read (and actively participated with) during the rainy season in Arizona when I was little.

The book was Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco. It is a story about the author’s own childhood, how as a little girl she was terrified of thunder and how her grandmother helped her overcome her fear by baking cakes. When the little girl, filled with fear of the lightning and thunder hides under her bed, the grandma coaxes her out and tells her they need to "prepare the cake before the storm arrives, or else it is not a real thunder cake." She then tells her how to gauge how far away the storm is by counting seconds from the flash to the boom. They undergo different tasks to complete the cake while counting the storm's approach. When they get back to the house and place the cake in the oven the grandmother tells the little girl how brave she was for walking outside and completing each task as she did, and that she should no longer be afraid of the sound of thunder. As they pulled out the cake and began to slice it the rain started pouring down on their roof.

It really is such a cute story, I wish I still had a copy of it. As a child, I was never really too frightened of thunder, however, I loved learning how to measure the distance of a storm and practice such a unique way to bake a cake. (The back of the book gives instructions and a recipe to make "Thunder Cake.")

Anyway, back to the parking lot...As I was walking to my car when I heard the thunder I watched for the lightning to appear. Instantaneously when I saw it flash across the sky I began counting. "...One Mississippi, two Mississippi... and so forth," until I heard the loud roar ripple across the sky. It was my immediate reaction to count that reminded me of the book I had read so often in my youth. Although, unfortunately I did not have time to prepare a cake, I did race the storm to my neighborhood, I drove up aways to a road that is high in the mountain and over looks the valley. The neat part is that the counting worked as I parked my car the down pour started. I got out of my car and let the rain soak me as I watched the spectacular light show in the sky.

I cannot wait for the next storm to pass through. When it comes I am going to make myself and all who wish to join me a real thunder cake! I used to do it all the time, and I plan to do it with my kids someday, who knows perhaps it will help them overcome their fear of storms.

"As rain poured down on our roof, Grandma cut a wedge for each of us. She poured us steaming cups of tea from the samovar. When the thunder ROARED above us so hard it shook the windows and rattled the dishes in the cupboards, we just smiled and ate our Thunder Cake. From that time on, I never feared the voice of thunder again."

Monday, June 8, 2009

I've Become One Of "Those" People...

Yes, I am starting to wake up early and practice yoga. There is something about combining stretching and meditating that is so rejuvenating! It makes the rest of my day go so much better! Once it stops raining and my lawn dries I am going to start doing it outside in my backyard.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Right Now...

I just got out from the shower and am taking a break from blow drying my hair. I have all of the windows open in my house and am listening to the wind rustle the leaves around. My cat Figaro is on the bed alert as the edge of the storm approaches. Right now I am waiting anxiously for the rain.

Sorry to Everyone to Whom This Applies....

I realized yesterday, how bad I am at accepting compliments. To everyone who has ever thrown me a nice word or praise I apologize if I have seemed rude in my response. I just never know quite know how to respond when someone praises me. Instead of a polite thank you and a smile, I somehow manage to butcher my response. I don't want to seem arrogant or rude so instead I just get really shy and awkward. What is up with me that I handle negative feed back so much better than positive feed back? Something seems very sad in that. Oh well life is a learning process right? I just need to work on it I suppose.

Friday, June 5, 2009

A Date To Be Marked On The Calendars!

After spending an entire day parading around Utah, roaming many a model home and various home goods stores looking for inspiration and materials for my new room. I ended up at my Aunt's house exhausted and tuckered out. Much to my happiness and surprise Debbie (One of the many Mother figures in my life) walks in with two boxes of warm donuts, and excitedly explains to us that today is "National Donuts Appreciation Day!"

It made me and my very, very sore feet happy to (finally) sit down with my family and eat a nice warm batch of donuts while watching Lost.

So may everyone have an excellent National Donuts Appreciation Day!

P.S. Thanks Debbie for the boxes of Donuts!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I cleaned my room! It feels wonderful! I didn't just pick up clutter, I full on vacuumed, dusted, organized, wiped things down and gave things away. (Not to mention I plugged in a wallflower that makes my room smell like "shore breeze". Thank you Bath and Body works!) I love having a clean room. I feel refreshed, and productive. Does anyone else feel this way after they clean their room?