Wednesday, February 24, 2010

On Nights Like to Tonight...

In the spirit of being grateful, I decided to take a moment and pause from the writing that has consumed my life and declare I am very grateful for Mountain Dew. Though I rarely indulge in high levels of caffeine--lets face it, it isn't healthy for you--on nights like tonight when I have six more pages left that I need to write and write well, I am pretty glad the beverage exists and that I can down one, or two...or ten and stay alert enough to accomplish the task at hand. I am particularly thankful for Baja Blasts, they are my favorite! I often find myself cursing inside that they only sell them at Taco Bell and not in 12 packs at local convenience stores. Then again maybe it is a good thing, I would drink far too many of them were they that available. As I stated caffeine really isn't healthy for you...perhaps I should look into vitamin B-12 as a healthier substitute for my late nights. It wouldn't taste as good though. :(

I am sorry!

So I am not to the point where I want to go "Derek Zoolander" on my computer because of spam but I am almost there. Lately I am finding weird anonymous comments with links to websites I don't know (if you are a culprit knock it off!). I haven't clicked on the links and I would recommend that you don't either. I am going to try messing with my settings to help with the spam.

Again I am sorry!

P.S. For those of you who leave comments that actually relate to my posts or are in no form "spam" related, feel free to do so! :) I enjoy reading what you have to say.