Sunday, November 30, 2008

Today I have my eyes on...

Okay well actually I have had my eyes on this for awhile it just so happened that today I found my antique victorian moon and star locket for under 200 dollars on eBay. Though it was a good deal for an antique gold filled necklace with real stones it was still a little pricey for me today:(

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

"Thanksgiving: A holiday about an indigenous people, we celebrate with turkey and an underdog float." - Steven Hyde from That 70's Show.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I wish everyone "Tums" to help us sleep, and a merry week and a half of great left-overs! Personally I hope I can get some of the stuffing, in my family it is always the first thing to run out. This year for Thanksgiving we ate up at my Aunt Leslee's house (it alternates between her place and my grandmothers). The turkey was divine this year! I guess my aunt drowned the turkey in whine when she was cooking it, whatever she did it was spectacular! So I suppose drunk turkeys are the way to go? All of the food that I have been waiting for a year now for were spectacular, the cheesey-beans that my Aunt Lisa makes have become a rare treat in my family, she no longer makes them for the routine Sunday dinner, nope they have become a Thanksgiving delicacy. The stuffing topped previous years if possible, and the salads were great! (Good job mom!) I love thanksgiving, in my family it is the time that my Aunt Leslee whips out the fancy china, and the goblets (A cup that Lincoln was FASINATED by, he wouldn't drink out of anything else. Lincoln also discovered crutons this year and they were the only things he would eat. When he wasn't walking around the table pointing at people and saying his newly learned phrase: "You play ball like a girl!" (Watch the movie Sandlot and you will see where he learned it.) he was shoving a fist full of crutons in his mouth.) Well, my family dedicates alot of days for eachother, but this is one of the great ones. After the feast and the infamous pie-fest we usually go see a movie. This years choice was "Four Christmases."

Oh pie-fest, how I love you. I have to start a new paragraph for this great....GRAND event! I was only able to manage five slices of pie this year:( But they were incredible! Really, though we may not have had as many people this year, and we were short two pies of last year, it was great!!!!!!!! We had the classic pies like pumpkin and banana creme (a family favorite) as well as new pies I had never heard of like an Alaskan cooked pie, it sounds like there should be sea-food in there (When it was pink Danielle and I couldn't help but wonder) but there wasn't, it was really good and oddly had ice creme baked in it. I also loved the "hostess" pie that Travis and Danielle concocted. Ha ha.

Well it is late, and I have to work the dreaded "Black Friday" tomorrow so I will need my sleep if I am to survive. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Don't forget to be grateful, the greatest fault one can have is ingratitude, but I won't preach, a) because I am too tired to, and b) I doubt for those that have actually stuck this far with me in reading my post will want to hear it. So good night!

(Pie-fest 08!!!!!!!)

(Danielle and Travis's hostess pie, lol)

(Heather craftily devised a train for Lincoln to drive around, he was SOOO CUTE!!!)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Brady Cannon's Wedding!

Congratulations Brady!!!!!!!!

Three things I am grateful for today: Surprises, hugs, hiking

Darn Deceptive Days

I am sitting here with my Starbucks hot chocolate starring through a huge window that would have me believe today is a warm, "going outside friendly" day. It angers me, although it looks perfectly sunny and the trees' leaves are sparkling gold under the sunlight every time I go outside, I am blasted with frigid air so much so that I always end up back inside with red ears, rosy cheeks, and pretty much the whole package one gets after walking through a cold environment. The worst part? As I am sitting here looking at the window I still want to go out, even though I know I am going to repeat my earlier process.

Oh well, moving on. Who knows it may actually be warmer outside now that it is a little later (later meaning a half hour since my last attempt). Last Friday I went with my friend Samantha, my mom, my Aunt Kristan, and two of their friends to go see the movie Twilight at a Twilight premiere in Sandy.I went into the movie literally expecting nothing, Aside from how cheesy the trailers made it look, I have seen the director's earlier work and I didn't really care for it, and as far as I was concerned movies are never as good as the books so I didn't want to get my hopes up. But I was actually really impressed with what she did with it, and to my surprise I didn't mind who they chose for the cast that much. I wish she would have given the Cullens a little more a developed role in the movie, although I know they did not have a huge role in the first book either. The premiere party was sweet! Seriously! It was put together by "twilight moms" I didn't even know they existed till my Aunt bought the tickets. The event was really neat! I loved the theater because it had assigned seats so I didn't have to do the whole wait in line for six hours bit, that part rocked!

(Alright I just have to say that the person who took the photo made me bend forward, I know it looks super awkward, like I am protruding out of the photo:(...)

(Oh ha ha, side note! I thought I would add this because it is funny and these things really only happen to me. On our way to the premiere we were driving in my Aunts new really nice car. I can't remember who, but someone earlier had given Sam and me gum, after awhile it began to lose its flavor as gum does. Sam rolled down the window and threw hers out, as I rolled down my window to dispose of mine I remember distinctly thinking that it would probably hit a car with my luck. (Keep in mind that we were on the freeway and my aunt is a speedy driver especially when she has some place she wants to be so we were going really fast) However, I reminded myself that nothing happened when Sam did it, but threw it extra hard out the window just in case. The gum went out, and speedily in a perfect parabola shape came right back and hit the side of my aunt's car. SMACK! The sound it made was so loud that everyone in the car heard it. I felt so bad! Luckily though it didn't stick, and if it did it didn't for very long because when we arrived at the theater there was no sign of it or its landing place...Moral of the story...don't throw gum out a window it is a annoying and it can fly right back at you if you have my luck.)

---------3 Things: Good books, days when I am not clumsy, hot chocolate!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

More Random Ramblings: Something About Dresses That Twirl

Ever since I was little girl (even when I was going through my long lived tom-boy phase where dresses were the last thing I wanted to deal with) I have always loved dresses and skirts that full on whirl and twirl when you spin in them. I am not sure why, maybe it is because you can never not feel pretty while wearing them (not just pretty, but also sexy Marilyn Monroe proves this in "The Seven Year Itch!"), they can be both fun and glamorous (many times they combine the two) and being that I am a fan of twirling I believe this is a big reason behind my love of this style of dress; They embellish the already fun action of "twirling!"

Three things:

1. Corinne, after all she did help me wrap my wrist up tonight, with a "whatever it is called band aid" that unlike its boring comrades that are a dull tan color, is purple!

2. Stars

3. The Moon.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Missing My Baby

Today I am totally missing my fuzzy duckling that grew up all too fast. Henry is off doing duck things with other ducks, but I sure miss her. I miss her following me wherever I went, freaking out when I was no longer in her presence, only allowing me to hold her, I even miss her constant chirps (later quacks) and I NEVER thought I would say that.

1. Henry
2. Ice Cream!
3. Singing

Random Rambling: Sickness

So on a sadder note than my "love letter" in response to Corinne's post "my favoritist Ashley," (not to sound sarcastic, a post of appreciation to my best friend was LONG over due!) have you noticed how everyone is sick with a disease of some sort these days? Seriously, I was walking down the hall at the university and people were just making me sad. I over heard multiple ramblings of many different physical vexes people have. One lady was complaining about the seizures she had all through out the weekend, another guy was complaining about his terrible sleep insomnia, and one person couldn't figure out what they had they kept going to doctors but no one could figure anything out what was wrong with him.

I believe that there are more ailments now-a-days simply because of how technologically advanced we are. I am not saying that this is a bad thing, I mean I would not be living myself were it not for modern medicines (perhaps I am part of the problem). Way back when if you were sick with something you died, and you couldn't pass the gene on, but now with the advancements we have many that would have died live. Thus they survive to reproduce and pass along that gene that earlier would have screwed them over. Pretty much humans have killed natural selection.

This is kind of a touchy topic. Is this necessarily a bad thing? On one hand you have parents that are now permitted to raise and love their children that because of our advancements survived such things as cancer, and diabetes. But on the other hand more of those people are passing along the gene to future generations. I am just raising a question. This is a topic that I don't believe has a definite answer. I do not agree with Hitler who terribly miss used Darwin's theory. I mean who are we to determine who has the right to live?

Three things I am grateful for:

1. Kids with a good vocabulary. I think languages are important and are slowly dying as we become lazier. So when I was working the other day and saw a five year old little boy look at me putting fruit in the blender tilt his head and say: "Fascinating." Not only did it make me laugh, and temporarily shock me, it made me happy to know that there are children out there that know more words than "cool." (I hope that kid doesn't get beat up at school:( )

2.Hazelnut steamers, They keep me warm, make me happy, and they are the best. I tried a strawberry steamer yesterday and felt sick the rest of the day. I guess that's what I get for straying from the classic.

3. The internet, I like how it has allowed me to stay close with those of my friends and family that have moved far away. I like being able to see pictures of Rachael's new baby, and the crazy Halloween houses my cousin saw.

Monday, November 17, 2008

To Corinne

Corinne Hansen is the sweetest, smartest, hardest working (I don't care if she or Derek protest to that I have watched her for four years now and I can state that she is) girl one will ever meet. She is truly my Bodhisattva! She has been a light in my life ever since the day I was lucky enough to meet her. She is the one that is always thinking of others before herself; Be it her brothers and sisters, Derek and his family, Her parents (the whole lot), me, or anyone else that may need her. It has always boggled my mind how much of herself and what she has to others. She was placed in my life at a very dark time when I needed a friend the most, and I am eternally grateful for every precious moment I have been able to spend with her.

One thing that I have always admired about Corinne is that she is reliable, when she says she will do something, she means it and does it. At times she will even go through difficult extremes to do what she has said she will do. She has always looked after me, I might be lying somewhere dead now were it not for her ha ha. I can always count on her.

She listens to my jokes, and to all of my RANDOM thoughts. She always makes me laugh. I am going to miss that kitchen......ha ha yes, we have spent many a good hour laughing over stupid nothings there, seriously Queeny you might want to have that kitchen looked into for I think that I am always my smiliest when I am around Corinne a trait I know annoys her sometimes, but I can't help it she makes me happy.

Another thing about Corinne is that she doesn't like to conform to traditions she views as pointless or stupid, and though I admire her for this, I admit that when it comes to holidays I have been so programmed in my family to celebrate them and love them that I sometimes get frustrated when she calls carving pumpkins stupid. A term that is sacrilegious in my fam. ha ha.

I love Corinne soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! She is so much fun to be around! She is the only one who can understand my twisted way of thinking sometimes ha ha. I love that we can finish each others sentences and thought processes. And I am pretty sure she is the only one who I can call with a mouth full of spit and tooth-paste, with a tooth brush shoved down my throat and actually understand every word I say. I love all of the midnight breakfast burrito runs we have made in our day, hopefully that never comes to an end!
I love how Corinne can always tell when I am upset or when something is wrong with me depsite how hard I try to hide it. She can read me like a book and that is hard.

Not to mention I can always count on her for a good read, and it is nice sometimes to take a break and watch an episode of CSI. Ha ha and I love the fact that she is nice enough to actually call me smart when she has witnessed all of my stupid moments first hand! She is the smart one! I have loved getting into deep philosophical discussions with her.

Where do I end, I keep thinking of so many wonderful things to say about my completely and totally wonderful friend! I could write a whole novel on the spectacularness of my amazing friend Corinne. But I had better stop because it is almost time for me to go to class. In short I will say this to some up my friend.
Corinne: Sweet, stubborn at times, loving, true romantic, great taste in books, horrible taste in friends...well Derek and Ceason are okay...mainly just me...., outstanding writer ( I believe that she should be a journalist), smart, and over all simply amazing!

I love you Corinne! I believe that we are soul mates in the non romantic form, I love ya so much! Thanks for always being my friend! I love you a million reeses peices! I don't know what I would do with out you either, really I am holding firm to the "dead in a ditch somewhere" theory. Lol.
Thank you for being my friend!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Bond, James Bond"

In prep for the new James Bond movie, "Quantum Of Solace" I am having a James Bond night! Although I must say as far as deciding which to watch, 21 movies and an indecisive girl do not make a good combo. Given I am going to watch some of the newer ones, Casiono Royale for sure! But I somehow feel obligated to watch some of the old ones if I am having a "Bond" night, you know?
Three things I am grateful for:
1. My friends and family of course!
2. Benjamin
3. Good films that I can cuddle up in a blanket with a big bucket of popcorn (or in Grace tradition a big bucket of "candy salad" lol.) and enjoy:)


I usually don't participate in these things, but my friend Ashley tagged me, and I think this one is kind of fun. So here goes nothing.

six random things:

1} I am a tree hugger, I love nature, anything in it from the plant life to the animal life.

2} I have a small birth mark that looks remarkably like a sea horse. I am not joking it is identical!

3} I actually love martial arts.

4} I am a true optimist!

5} I sing in the shower. A lot.

6} I love to learn, and experience new things!

There you have six facts. Now "8 Things":

8 TV Shows I Love to Watch:

(I don't usually watch tv too much, but here are my favorites)
Gilmore Girls
CSI (Vegas NOT Miami)
The Office
That 70's Show

8 Favorite Restaurants
1.Cafe Rio or Bajio
2.Cheese Cake Facotry
3.The Rio Grande
4.The Happy Sumo
5.The Sundance Grill
6...The Place in Trolley Square I can't remember what is called...
7.Denny's (Only if it is after 1 a.m. and I am with a group of my friends)
8.P.F. Cheng's

8 Things that Happened Yesterday:
-I went to school
-I pretended like I could write good poetry.
-Made a super good dinner, (ever since I discovered that I can cook I have gone on a cooking rampage)
-Drew a Fashion Collection
-Watched a foreign film.
- Added a few finishing touches to my research paper, on how technology has impacted my generation.
-Looked for a bridal shower gift for my Friend Ceason.
-Had a long over due chat with my Best friend growing up who now lives in New Mexico.

8 Things I am Looking Forward to:
-Thanks Giving, and the Pie Fest 08 afterward
- My friend Ceason's Wedding
- This stupid recession to be over.
- Sewing my first collection of clothing
- Going to FIT, or FIDM
-Doing something Great in my life!
-Having a remarkable adventure!
-All of my fam coming up for Becky's wedding, Christmas, and New Year's Eve.

8 Things on my Wish List:
-For my little Janice Hinckley to completely heal from her cancer before Christmas.
-For the Hinckley's to have the best Christmas they have ever had.
-An adventure (lol get the point by now?)
-Being able to help someone significantly
-Doing something that will better our world greatly
-On a more material level anything from Kaleidoscope, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters!
- A vacation
- For an ALL expenses paid enrollment to a good design school.

And the last "tag" (are you still with me?), Quick word response game. Here goes...

1. Where is your cell phone? Right by me.
2. Where is your significant other? Unaware
3. Your hair color? Blonde
4. Your mother? Sweet
5. Your father? Funny
6. Your favorite thing? Laughter
7. Your dream last night? Strange
8. Your dream/goal? To be Remembered
9. The room you're in? Office
10. Your hobby? Traveling, art
11. Your fear? That the sample lady will finally recognize me when I go back for seconds...thirds...fourths...sixths.....
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? New York City
13. Where were you last night? Out and about
14. What you're not? Pessimistic
15. One of your wish-list items? Janice to be Healed
16. Where you grew up? Arizona
17. The last thing you did? Bought sexy lingerie for my friend's Bridal shower.
18. What are you wearing? My Bob Dylan Concert T-shirt
19. Your TV? off
20. Your pet? sleeping
21. Your computer? obsession
22. Your mood? adventurous
23. Missing someone? Yes
24. Your car? Someday: Aston Martin Vanquish. Right now: Honda Accord
25. Something you're not wearing? Earrings?
26. Favorite store? Kaleidoscope
27. Your summer? Lazy
28. Love someone? Yes lots of people: family, friends, my amazing boyfriend.
29. Your favorite color? Blue!
30. When is the last time you laughed? Yesterday
31. Last time you cried? A little over a year ago.

I tag Corinne, Shelby, Doreen, and Brianne and Brandon

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What Happened to Adventurers?

What happened to the world of adventurers and explorers? It seems that the once noble and respectable career has been demoted to that of children's fantasies and short articles in history books. In fact for the most part in our modern world the profession of an "adventurer" is extinct. Why is this? I cannot believe that there is simply nothing left in our world to discover. I believe that it is far from that fallacious thought. Perhaps we just have different priorities now...?

How fantastic would it be to resurrect this exhilarant business? I want to step far beyond my comfort zone, I want to be lost in a foreign country that doesn't speak the same language as me nor share my own customs, to discover things that history has long since forgotten, to embark on hair-raising experiences.

Anywho, on a closing note I decided to make a list of six small things that are a "quick fix" for all of my adventurer friends out there.

1. Take a new route that you have never been on to where-ever your destination is.

2. Don't let the rain stop your out-door plans.

3. Go outside of the city, and eat dinner in a small town cafe/diner.

4. Say "yes" to the next person who asks you to do something. (assuming that thing wouldn't go against your conscience)

5. Next time you get the chance to do something like karaoke, do it!

6. And all in all, DON'T be afraid to try new things!


Hmm...three things I am grateful for.

1. To go along with my post, traveling definitely!

2. Clouds; I know this is random, but driving today, I saw so many beautiful things involving clouds. This morning on my way to the university Mount Timpanogos was covered by clouds except for the top peak, it looked like it was floating in the sky, and the sun was shining perfectly on it so that both the snowy peak and the clouds were glowing. Then driving home I saw such a unique cloud formation with the sunsetting it was extraordinary. Plus is there anything fluffier than a cloud?! If there is I don't want to know about it! lol.

3. For three I am going to have to list my kitty Figaro!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Things I Am Grateful Today

Today I have been particularly cranky and focusing on the negative so I figured that I would counter it with thinking of things I am grateful for. It is November the month of thankfulness isn't it? So here are a few of many things I am so grateful for.

1. The ability to make others smile.
2. On the opposite side of smiles, I am grateful for tears too. I have never been able to cry easily, sometimes I wish I could. Too often I think we feel ashamed of tears, I know that I am the number one individual that is guilty of this. (I think part of the reason I cannot really cry is that I taught myself not to at a young age.)
3. I am grateful for sunrises, (I would say sunsets too, growing up in Arizona sunsets were always my ideal of beauty, but lately I am tired of endings, so right now I am grateful for "sunrises")
4. The sound of running water, nothing is more tranquil to me than the sound of water.
5. The physical senses, touch, smell (I suppose this depends on what I am smelling...then again I think that applies to all of the senses), sight, hearing, all of them.
6. Laughter.
7. Hot hazelnut steamers....with extra whipped creme I might add. (Ordering these has become routine for me now that it is so freaking cold outside!)...although I am not that grateful for the name...really... "steamer"? They couldn't come up with something better...

Alright, well my list could go on and on so for this post I will stop at seven. Seven is a good number after all. But throughout this month on every post I am going to put at least three things I am grateful for at the end of it. I think that one of the greatest faults one can have is ingratitude.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

One Year Already?

(This is just a temporary photo, until I can upload good pictures of Ben and I, I can't wait to get Photoshop back when I save photos with Microsoft Office Picture after resizing they are fuzzy!)

Hard to believe that it has been one year already! Well technically a year and a few days. November 3rd is Ben and my anniversary. I'm so grateful that I have been lucky enough to have an amazing friend and boyfriend like him! I love ya Ben!

(P.S. For those that read my earlier post, I wasn't able to cook those Alaskan stuffed crap portobello mushrooms for his birthday, but I did however cook it for him on the third! And I must say they turned out awesome!!!! I HATE to eat crabs, or mushrooms, but I actually really liked these. I guess my bad cooking days are over!)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I miss sleep:(

Looking back, I cannot believe what a fight I put up when I was little about going to bed. What I would give for some good shut eye now! With school, work, and school papers and assignments I rarely find time for sleep now! I feel so worked! Bless Ben, he still said I looked pretty tonight...but I am starting to feel the weight of only being able to really sleep on Saturday night:( And even then, that is only when I feel responsible enough to cancel socializing and being a rambunctious teen for a good night's sleep.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Utah Vote Yes to Proposition Two!

It was brought to my attention that many people in the state of Utah (that are eligible to vote for this proposition) do not plan to vote "yes" for Proposition 2. Although I admit that I sometimes view zoos as necessary evils (please do not take offense by this statement, I simply find it sad that we have to cage creatures for their own "protection") Why not? It is 39 cents a month, and that 39 cents will do us and the animals a world of good. Proposition 2 will create an animal care facility, a new arctic exhibit that would include polar bears, seals, and arctic wolves, as well as phase one of the "African Savannah.” Zoos allow children to experience parts of the world that they may never get to see in person. Zoos are fun, the money will allow better environmental education, programs, green space acquisitions and capital improvement projects.

If you would like to look at more information regarding proposition 2 here is a good article I found:

Vote yes!

(I do know that there are problems with proposition two, for one it is being proposed in the midst of a downward economic spiral. I know we cannot afford to always be Santa Clause, but it is our children (I speak in future tense for me) and our own backyard we are hurting, if you would like to read a good article that talks about the faults with Prop. 2 go to this site:

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Becky's Bridal Shower

Becky's bridal shower had a movie theme. So everyone had to get her a movie, and then a gift that went with it. I was really impressed with everyone's ideas! The Louis's gave her the Movie Iron Man and gave her ironing stuff, Someone gave her the Bucket List, and gave her a bucket of cleaning supplies, Carolyn gave her the movie Hair Spray and bought her hair supplies...and so forth. It is funny my mom and I were the only people, save one other, that gave her lingerie with our movie. Ha ha.

Red carpet intrance;)

Both Vicki and Becky went to Africa to do service work. So for Vicki's gift she gave her the movie Out of Africa, made her an apron our of fabrics she bought there, wooden tongs she bought there, and a wood mixing bowl. It was really cute!

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween and had as much fun as I did!