Tuesday, October 28, 2008

As Promised Pumpkin Carving Night Photos

I stole this video from Colby and Malea's Blog, I hope they don't mind... (P.S. the Princess Peach one is mine! ^^)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Yes I know it is a little late, but I wanted a good picture of my mom for this post. One of her....special talents is her ability to run like "The Flash" whenever she hears the word Camera and her mentioned in the same sentence. I ended up siding with this one, that was taken at our birthday dinner up at my Grandma Graces. Here are some little facts about Pamela Joyce Smith Grace:
  • She is a great movie buddy!
  • When I was little she challenged the Arizona Monsoon and drove my friends and I to the book fair, despite the fact that it was pouring and thundering uncontrollably and the roads were three feet deep with water.
  • She is amazing at making jewelry.
  • She loves a good book. And she can read like a wizard, I did not get my reading ability from her, she can finish any book in a day...but she prefers to finish them at night with my cat Figaro sitting on her lap.
  • Growing up she wanted to be a pioneer more than anything.
  • Her favorite sweet food is cherry pie, and cheese cake. Especially cheese cake from the Cheese Cake Factory.
  • She loves Autumn it is her favorite season.
  • And she is one cool mom!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Funny, Funny, and More Funny.

Since Elections are coming up I thought I would post these. They are some skits that aired on Saturday Night Live and are HILARIOUS!!!!! (You have to kind of randomly click below the text, for some reason the videos won't show up unless you click on them)

Today I'm appreciating...

My Marie Antoinette soundtrack:

Alright, I know that the movie had a few flaws. (Lay off Hollywood has had worse.) But I love the soundtrack, it has a lot of great songs! Whenever I play it, my room is filled with classics like I Want Candy - the Kevin Shield's remix, What Ever Happened - by the Strokes, Fools Rush In, Hong Kong Garden, Plain Song, The Melody of a Fallen Tree.... How can I not love it?! Plus there is a bonus "classical" cd that takes care of me when I am in a more...sophisticated mood?

Pumpkin Carving Fest '08

Well it is that splendid time of the year again, the time just before Halloween when my family and friends (pretty much everyone and their dog) gets together up at my Aunt's house to carve pumpkins! There are so many sweet photos that I couldn't choose which to post. So I decided to use a lot of them, and make a thingy (I'm having troubles recalling what its called..) on photoshop that shows all of them. And if that fails I'll just make a slide show.

As for the pumpkins they turned out sweet! Colby and Malea's pumpkins...pretty much went beyond the definition of "Jack'olanterns" as they do every year. Colby did a self portrait, and Malea did an E.T. that changed colors...she made it so even the freaking finger lit up! As for me, Princess Peach was a success ! lol. Our family had a lot of Simpson's and Nintendo characters this year. I'm still stunned at how my dad pulled off the Mr. Burns one, when I post the photo you will see what I mean, everything from the eyes up is a paper thin line. And Ben, being the pumpkin carving virgin he was actually did a really cool Mario! I was proud of him! Anyway it is late, I have will post those photos tomorrow.

( This is the Jackolantern I did! Lol I did princess peach and Ben ended up doing Mario.)
(Sorry my camera wasn't big enough to fit everyone in the picture:( No worries though, I am posting more!)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Love Learning to Make New Things!

On Monday Lacy, Becky, Heather, and I had a hair clip making party while watching Madagascar. Isn't it cute?!
Can you tell that I haven't slept in awhile from this picture? Ha ha.
(Where is Photoshop when you need it?!)

A Hazardous Metaphor?

I read an article recently which talks about our current climate crisis. Though there are skeptics, the evidence supporting climate instability has become so immense that there is little reason or logic to questioning the truth of its reality. We see it occurring with our arctic friends as their frozen world is melting around them, with our super storms, and much more. But are humans and carbon dioxide really the cause of this planet wide phenomenon?

Dr. Raymond Gozzi Jr. stated that is important we remember that "global warming" is a social metaphor. It organizes information in certain way. The metaphor gets us to pay attention to the information which fits it. But the metaphor might also get us to ignore information and evidence of other forces at work. He states that though it is clear there is current climate instability, that there may be other factors to consider. And the "global warming" metaphor may blind us to what is really going on.

There is evidence that shows world wide the Earth's magnetic field is weakening. Nobody knows what it might mean, or why it is happening. We know that in the past our North and South poles have shifted. (It occurs on the sun every 11 years. This transition happens, as far as we know, at the peak of every 11-year sunspot cycle.) Could the Earth's current magnetic state be what is causing so much climate uncertainty? Who is to rule out that it isn't? Perhaps our planet is getting ready to switch again. (Side note: Did you know that two ancient oracles whose prophesies thus far have come true, even down to the names, claimed that near the apocalypse the stars and planets would change their orbits in the sky. The most likely way this would happen with our view would be if our planet's pole changed.)

Although, personally I do believe that because human population is so grand we do have a major impact on our environment, I cannot deny the possibility of other forces that may be causing our earth's changes. Nothing is permanent on Earth, it will continue to change for ages and ages. I believe it is important to look at all sides of issues too. The truth is that we are living in climatic uncertainty, it is important to be aware of it, and the more likely causes of it. But the article I read made me think, and realize we must look at all issues and not fall into a convenient metaphor.

But I still place much of our environment's current situation in the hands of people. How can we as a race cut down areas of the world that support our world's climate the most, places like the rainforests, and not expect global consequences for our actions?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Little Boss Scott Harris!

Alright I know it is a little late, but congratulations Rachael and Scott! I took these pictures of them at the hospital off their blog, because they were so cute! They had their little boy Boss not too long ago. You are definitely out numbered now Rach! ha ha. I can't wait to see him!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who Needs Odd Cravings?

Today I had a freaking mad craving for hummus. Yes I do like Hummus, I am weird like that. (I prefer the original, and the red chili flavor.) I blame my craving on Brigitte Dale and her comment: "Hummus more like yummus!" Because shortly after watching her podcast I found myself at the grocery store trying to decide between all of the many different kinds of hummus. "Green olive" kept staring me in the face, but I wasn't brave enough to try it this round, ha ha. In the end I decided to go with red chili and original, because I've tried most of them and quite frankly they are the best!

Well I am going to quit talking about my mad craving for hummus, its not that I don't have anything better to write about. Its just I have had so many major events happening in my life both good and bad, that I feel discorouged trying to type them out. Especially with all of the deadlines I am facing now, I feel quite cruched with time. (And yes I realise the irony in the fact that I can't find time to write about important things, yet I can so easily find time to ramble on about hummus...) But don't worry, as far as the important events...well the ones I feel comfortable posting...I will post them! Now if you will excuse me I have some hummus to return to.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back to September 29th 1989

Well I am a little late on posting this, seeing as my birthday was on the 29th of September. However I did get the stuff to do this on the 29th. Lol. I went on to Flickr and typed in my birthday to see photos of what happened on the day I was born, and here were some of my favorites.

(Someone's prom the night of my birthday)

(Random photo that was taken on 9/29/89 but I love it!)

(Riot somewhere...appearently a lot of political
things happened on my birthday.)

( I am not quite sure who this is, or where it is, but again I love it!)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What Has Been Happening in My Life, and I Have Yet To Post On

  • Spectacular art exhibit
  • My Birthday
  • Spontaneous trip up the canyon where Ben and I stumbled upon a star party.
  • Devin's Wedding
  • Rachael had her baby! It's a boy!!!!!
  • Becky is now engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Accepted into BYU.....yes all who knew me in my younger years...I have indeed willingly become a "zoobie."
  • Corinne and I were accepted to go to Costa Rica to work with and help sea turtles and dolphins, educate locals about Rain Forest depletion, help restore the Rain Forests, and much more I will come back to this later. ^^
  • And more...