Sunday, March 29, 2009


Oh my gosh I saw this picture posted on my cousin's blog of little Penny and I almost died. She is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!! This weekend my cousin Chelsey and her husband Daniel came into town for a little bit. I was really sad that I didn't get to see them that much, from the looks of the background of this picture my family was up to something fun. Then again it is always a party of some sort at my Aunt's house.

Seriously...I see that Joan's bag and I am jealous of whatever they were concocting.

I love it when things like this happen!

You know those fantastic moments when you find a twenty dollar bill wedged in a couch cushion, or hiding in one of your pockets? I had one of those moments today just not with money. Whilst cleaning my room and sorting through dressers I found a coupon for a free guitar lesson! Oddly enough it hasn't expired yet either!

Weekends and What Not...

Hey everyone! Sorry that this year I have sucked at keeping posts, ha ha, I guess I have been to caught up with living my life vs. documenting it. I will try to be better though I promise!

Anyway, this weekend I had a blast! I refused to touch any of my school work and just partied. This weekend served as a much needed break and I loved every second of it! Last Friday was my friend Corinne's Bachelorette party. Where planning it sucked... the actual event turned out great and we all had a grand time. By the end of the, I think I made myself sick off of mixing pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris. Saturday my friend Joe and I went to the Festival of colors, afterwords we played miniature golf, ate at the Pennyroyal cafe and then ended the night by watching a movie at his place with his sister Amy who is also my really good friend.

For those that do not know what "Holi, the festival of color" is here is a clip I found from a previous year. Enjoy. When watching this video and seeing all of the colored chalk in the air I worry for everyone's lungs ha ha.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Little Things I Love About Spring

1. Bicycles

2. Everything smells and feels fresh. There is a new and clean feeling in the air.

3. Colors- Spring is full of so many bright and vibrant colors.

4. I can pull out the mini skirts from out of the back of my closet!

5. Baby birds (or animals in general)- I woke up this morning to little birds chirping in the tree by my window.

6. Warm weather, not hot and not cold but "warm."

7. Blossoms and flowers, I absolutely adore them!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Love Birds

This picture is corny I know, but it makes me smile. I think I need a little bit of "corny" in my life:).

Friday, March 13, 2009

Three Things About This Picture.

(I saw this on another blog and I thought I would do my own adaption of it:) )

1. The lovely piece of art you see in my hand I got for free. It was one of many left overs the Visual Arts Department was giving away. Sadly, I am a succor for freebies, when I heard someone say that they were giving art away I immediately took a "restroom break" from my class and went and skimmed them over.

While I was bent over with one hand full of these small prints and the other hand fishing through the rest of the box (a glutenous pose most sensible people wouldn't want to be caught in) a girl from my class hunted me down and asked me if she could do a documentary on me.......I swear when you hang out in the HFAC or any art building you are setting yourself up for a situation similar to this. I didn't know what to say (I'm not that interesting), an immediate "no" seemed rude, but I really am not that good in front of a camera either....I still need to give her an answer...but I am at a loss as to how to respond:(

2. The blue necklace I am wearing was made by a really cute little girl who lives near my house. It is really cute! She was 10 or 11 and the painting of the bird is really accurate. Who needs diamonds or pearls? Things that are made with love (and with taste in this case) are always the best:).

3. My friend Derek took this picture of me when I was unaware, ha ha I was making a funny face at him and before I could pull back the flash errupted from my camera. I can't be too upset though, I did ask him to take pictures of me for my oil painting class but I ment pictures I was actually ready for ha ha.


As of late I have been somewhat addicted to the online blogger known as Brigitte Dale, her episode this week was actually really fun, normally she doesn't do crafts on her video blog (Is that what it is called? I am not sure of the technical terminology.) now I think she should more often.

I know that I find myself repeatedly faced with the predicament she mentions in the beginning, every freaking laundry day to be precise. So next time when I am trying to get ready and am just staring at an over sized t-shirt I know what I am going to do. But please for all those that watch, don't use the stapler it is just as fast and it looks better if you hand sew the sides!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

List Time: My Day So Far

  • I Slept in w-a-y too late, I hate the day light saving transition! It throws off my biological clock every time! Seriously I cut it pretty close...
  • I cut out the pattern pieces of my shirt and began sewing it:)
  • I was interviewed for the job I applied for, hopefully I get it!
  • Worked on my research paper regarding Hypericum Perforatum and its effectiveness with Depression.
  • I am going outside to enjoy this fabulous warm(well it is a heck of a lot warmer than it has been....anyway), sunny day and am going to enjoy every second of it:)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Special Day for Lucy Grace Erickson

Sunday was the newest girl of my family's baby blessing. Little Lucy looked so precious in the blessing gown my grandma sewed for her. She has stolen my heart and I just know that I am going to spoil her rotten as she grows up. After her blessing we headed over to Patti's and Marty's for an after party-dinner. Where Tyler and I both ate one too many Johnson Chocolate Easter Eggs...

(My Aunt Patti was rounding me, Lacy, Brenna, and Heather up for a picture when all of the sudden we hear Brenna scream then shout "Ah Jennifer Lopez wasn't lying in her movie!!!" The heal of her shoe had gotten stuck in the air vent and she almost twisted her ankle. Oh my gosh it was so funny (not the fact hat she almost twisted her ankle), we spent forever trying to get her bloody shoe out of the vent!)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Possibly A New Tradition?

(Ehem...don't ask about this

Last Friday my friend and I went to the Provo gallery stroll, an event that takes place the first Friday of every month. It is free and consists of live music, food, and various fine arts. Often you get to meet the artists themselves. It is a side of Provo most don't see and it was a blast! This month even had belly dancers at the Provo Community Church. (Yes for those wondering, of course we stopped and watched this.) I had never been to the "stroll" before this trip, and I really only went because my friend Allen had his work displayed in the clothing boutique Mode. It really was a blast! I am definitely going to start going every month! While embarking down University Avenue I even discovered a new favorite spot to eat and hang-out, maybe I am becoming trendy but I definitely want to make a few stops at the new Pennyroyal cafe, I liked the atmosphere of it and the people who own it are nice too:)! Apparently they are going to start trying to have dances there, which is icing on the cake:)

I'm really sad that I didn't take more pictures of this event. At the time I wasn't sure if we could or not. However, I found various pictures online of previous gallery strolls to post for you:) I tried to my best to source all of these correctly let me know if I screwed up.

(This is the Pennyroyal cafe)

(Here is where Allen's work was displayed.)
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(I love Coal Umbrella:) )

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

It Was Made For Me.

I love it when life hands you an unexpected gift, no matter how small or simple it may be. I find that often the small and simple ones are the best. :) I hope that I am never so occupied with something or so caught up in a self absorbed trap that I lose the ability to notice when life gives me these simple but sweet presents.

This gift was presented to me last week, when my schedule consisted of tests, projects, studying for more tests, and, surprise, taking more tests. (Maybe it was a token for not committing suicide on the spot...who knows?) I was in the library studying for these tedious life suckers known as tests (I say "life suckers" with full certainty...I gave up an MC Hammer/Vanilla Ice concert after party to study and get a good night's rest!) when I decided to take a break and walk around. Somehow, I ended up in the "Fashion Photography" isles, an area of the library I was unaware even existed until I stumbled upon it. While briefly skimming over the vast tomes (a.k.a really big books) my eyes locked on one particular book. It was the name that was what caught my attention. Stamped across the top in big bold letters were the words "GRACE," my last name! The book contained land marks of vogue, beautiful illustrations, advertisements, dresses and everything else fashion that was worth remembering in the magazine's history. Did I mention that my last name was the title of this treasure?! In the end I couldn't part with it just then and ended up carrying all 500 pounds of it home with me.