Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Am Repenting Of My Blog-slacking Ways!

Yes, I know that I have become the entity of the term "blog-slacker." I suppose I just got really bored of writing about me all of the time. A consistent blogger really cannot help but feel somewhat narcissistic at times. So I needed a little break.

However, this evening my family and I went and saw the movie Julie and Julia. It was such a darling movie! After watching it I was reminded of how much fun blogging is! ....And also of how much I love food and butter, ha ha! I know that I may not be a cook like both of the Julies were in the movie, and seldom will I blog about recipes, however, I am throwing my "blog-slacking" ways to the wind!

I hope I can offer my readers more stories from my often crazy life and thoughts from my even crazier mind :).