Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Monday, April 28, 2008

How fast they Grow

Its been awhile since I did a post of my duckling Henry. He is almost the size of a grown up duck, (he weighs as much as one...oh my stars I never knew that ducks weighed so much!) and I am proud to announce that Henry is a full time swimmer. Because his mother (besides me) was an incubator he did not receive the oils most ducklings receive from their mother while nesting. This oil is what allows the ducks to float, so Henry had to patiently wait until his body started producing its own natural oil. This time delay hasn't handicapped him though, he swims as naturally as any duck I have ever seen.

It is also official! Henry has hit duck puberty! Which I add if at all possible is more awkward than human puberty. The bottom half of Henry is a white mix of feathers and down, while the top half of him still remains a bit yellow and fluffy. Not only that but His voice has gone from a consistency of chirps to "Cheep, cheep quack!" "Cheep, quonk, cheep" It really is funny. Aw...my little Henry is growing up.

Today I am Craving...

The Ocean!

I don't know if it is the sea-foam color gown I am wearing to Senior Ball, or the fact that due to weather I have been forced out of water for what feels like an entire year, but something has stirred this desire in me. The desire to feel the mist of the sea in my face, taste the sea salt as the waves carry me, feel the soft sand between my toes, and to listen as the waves sing. My friend Corinne and I have been talking about taking a road trip to California for our senior trip, I hope this comes to pass because I feel if I don't get to the ocean soon I am going to burst inside!

Last of the Arizona cousins in Utah:(

After this week, it is unfortunately official: I am the last of the Arizona cousins to remain in Utah. Lacy and Kamber are leaving back to Arizona (On days like last week when it randomly snows at the end of April I am especially jealous of this fact), and Shalayne and Clayton are moving to North Cali. Who am I going to bake chocolate chip cookies with at midnight now?! We had a great "last night" hang out on Sunday. Really, I love my family because no matter if we go out and do something, or just relax and hang out at my Aunt Lesli's house we always have a blast. Days like last Sunday will forever be immortalized in my heart. Well...I suppose not many would forget a moment like Travis speeding down the hill on his (pardon the oxymoron) little "big-wheel" doing all sorts of tricks, and then on his final run (He screwed himself when he said that was his last run, whenever you state that something is your last time it never turns out well) He ran smack into a car that was parked in front of the Cannon's front yard. Maybe I shouldn't find that as funny as I do....Anyway I'm going to miss you guys! I don't know if I will be able to come visit you, Shalayne and Clayton, I would love to though. But Lacy and Kamber I will difenetly be visiting Mesa! And yes Lacy, I know I have lost my tan since I moved up here, and we most difenetly need to work on that, lol. I look forward to it!

P.S. For those of my friends and family that wanted to see my pictures of New York (a.k.a Camille), sorry be patient I am still loading them, there are alot of photos to go through and resize. I won't put all of them on my blog, but I will have them all on my Flickr account, and my myspace. I am somewhat skeptical to post any of my travel photos, lol. My california pictures speak for themselves, I look horrible! I never get any sleep, or have time to get ready so I always look horrible. Maybe I should just start showing the scenery from now on. Lol.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

New York, New York

Still working on this post, sorry, these are just pictures of our flight...it was a nightmare, it was delayed about two hours, and because of jetlag it was like four a.m for us S(

1 a.m. ...that is an understatement...4 a.m. starbucks run at the airport!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Oh I wish I could cook...

Heres to Henry! "The Littlest Duck"

Here are some pictures of my baby enjoy ;)

A Late Happy Easter

Sorry I know that this is way late, but I thought the pictures of a timeless family event should be posted. Every year my family paints Easter eggs together the Saturday before Easter. It's always a blast!