Monday, April 28, 2008

How fast they Grow

Its been awhile since I did a post of my duckling Henry. He is almost the size of a grown up duck, (he weighs as much as one...oh my stars I never knew that ducks weighed so much!) and I am proud to announce that Henry is a full time swimmer. Because his mother (besides me) was an incubator he did not receive the oils most ducklings receive from their mother while nesting. This oil is what allows the ducks to float, so Henry had to patiently wait until his body started producing its own natural oil. This time delay hasn't handicapped him though, he swims as naturally as any duck I have ever seen.

It is also official! Henry has hit duck puberty! Which I add if at all possible is more awkward than human puberty. The bottom half of Henry is a white mix of feathers and down, while the top half of him still remains a bit yellow and fluffy. Not only that but His voice has gone from a consistency of chirps to "Cheep, cheep quack!" "Cheep, quonk, cheep" It really is funny. little Henry is growing up.

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Mom said...

I can't believe how funny you are. Henry could not have a better mother and I don't mean the incubator.

See you later,
Aunt Tracy