Tuesday, May 6, 2008

AH GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes its almost here, and though I am counting the days until I am done with school, I am not prepared and have so much to get caught up with! My art show is next week and I have NOTHING matted!!!!! AH! I have a concert on Thursday, and I my choir is competing for state on Saturday. I wanted to do the marathon but I don't see that happening this week, Ben wants me to go to a concert with him on Friday, and I have a dress to finish sewing for the fashion show, I have to write a screen play for my creative writing script in C.P. English, prepare a music video, oh and I have to write a major essay on how the amendments of the United states affect me...(that will be really easy though.) Well I guess I should stop complaining and get started with things...later days.


Lacy Grace said...

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh you're almost done!! Congrats dear! What are the big plans for later on?

colby and malea said...

That is exciting you are almost done. Any fun plans for the summer?