Friday, June 5, 2009

A Date To Be Marked On The Calendars!

After spending an entire day parading around Utah, roaming many a model home and various home goods stores looking for inspiration and materials for my new room. I ended up at my Aunt's house exhausted and tuckered out. Much to my happiness and surprise Debbie (One of the many Mother figures in my life) walks in with two boxes of warm donuts, and excitedly explains to us that today is "National Donuts Appreciation Day!"

It made me and my very, very sore feet happy to (finally) sit down with my family and eat a nice warm batch of donuts while watching Lost.

So may everyone have an excellent National Donuts Appreciation Day!

P.S. Thanks Debbie for the boxes of Donuts!


Tanner + his girls said...

did debbie let you know that i called her to tell her about the day!! i just love to have all the credit when i can hee hee hee ......but really i do!!

Tanner + his girls said...

actually i herd about it from my tan man....makes him a keeper!

Debbie said...

Hi Ashley! Charee said I made it to your blog! You're a sweetie! Yes Indeed! It was my Ree-Bee & Tanner who got me all revved-up about National Donut Appreciation Day! And if I couldn't share the moment with them~~ who better to than all the Grace/woolstenhulme/Donahue clans to have some fun with!!! You know how much we love all you guys!
xoxoxox Debbie Lew

Debbie said...

Thank you for naming me as one of your may mother-figures Ash! I'm honored!!!
xoxoxo Debbie Lew