Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sorry to Drag-On On the Same Topic...

Sorry if you have been keeping up on my posts. (which I doubt, other than my family no one else really reads my blog...but that is for the best I started this blog for three reasons, to keep my family and friends posted on my life, as a means to practice my writing, and to keep a sorta journal, so the less people who read it is probably for the better) I know that as of late I have been really only writing about one thing: the rain. But I can't help it lately I have been absolutely itching to be caught in a 95 degree, smell-the pavement-rain!

Finally the earth granted me my wish last Saturday night. For about an hour and a half, minus the lightning the storm almost competed with the summer monsoon in Arizona. However, as luck would have it I happened to be working for the majority of it.:( The good news is that business at Orange Julius happened to be slower than usual that day and the two girls I was working with wanted to see the storm nearly as bad as I did. So we each took turns running out side to see it and play in it. Perhaps it was unprofessional, but it was worth it! It must have been a funny sight seeing all three Orange Julius girls completely soaked when people ordered their drinks...I can only imagine what they were thinking.

I love rain storms, I'll admit I wouldn't want it everyday, but there is something about them. I am not sure if I can even do my feelings justice with words. I love everything about a good storm. The earth right before the storm hits and the rain begins to fall, The "edge" of it. The way the leaves blow and twist in the wind, wild. The atmosphere feels different....almost unsure... It is impossible to feel tired, sad, or anything but aware, aware of the fact that you are alive. There is an energy at the edge of the storm, an energy that makes my spirit soar...I love it! And then when the rain begins to fall, I feel childish almost, free, wanting to run, dance, and splash around. Yet at the same time I feel contemplative, mediative, and even contradicting as it may sound to what I have stated, sober. I love the rain, the way it floods swirls, and creates musical rhythms on rooftops, pavements, or any surface it hits. The way it washes and leaves the earth fresh when it is through. The thunder and the lighting both intimidate and enchant me. Something about storms make me feel small a little at times too.

Speaking of small it at times makes me feel a little primal. It takes me back to the fact that I am human. Mankind, no matter how technology and advancements separate us from nature, can never separate ourselves from the need of rain. We cannot survive without it. Life began with and in water. Maybe it is this basic instinct that creates the love and welcome of a good rain storm inside me.

Anyway here are some pictures of the Monsoon in Arizona I found. Sorry I promise this will be my last post on rain for awhile....I have other things to post on, like the arrival of my new cousin Penny, oh and I probably should do another update on my duck Henry, who by the way is a GIRL!!!! Crazy huh?