Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Love, Love, Love Labor Day!!!!! Happy Birthday Tyler!

Oh Labor Day weekend, I do love you! This weekend was a blast! Almost all of my family was able to come up this year. The Graces (I mean my dad's side of the family, Donahues, Woolstenhulmes...etc) have had a long standing tradition that every year on Labor Day we go to my grandparents house to celebrate both Onion Days and Labor Day. But we celebrate it earlier than Monday. This Year we got started on Friday during the day we hung out and swam in my cousin's pool and at night we played games and made vanilla coated popcorn with blue food coloring (we wanted to jazz things up a bit and watched the Burbs (one of my family's most cherished films), after that we went to Denny's at 1 a.m. (it was more crowded then than I have ever seen it in the day.) Heather randomly whipped out a deck of "skipbo" for us to play while we waited to be served, and Kevin and Clayton tried to shoot the salt shaker across the table gap with out spilling it. Denny's was sweet, but I made the mistake of eating the "grand slam" never a good idea that late...Uh.....

Saturday, despite the fact that I had a MAJOR Denny's hang over was spectacular! ( I am getting bored of saying "things were a blast") My mom and I went up to Sundance, then to Swiss Days. Then in the evening my entire family had a barbecue up at my Uncle's property in the canyon (otherwise known as the "crack shack" in my family, the land is really pretty, but the cabin totally looks like it was owned by druggies). We played games, roasted marshmallows, etc, etc.

Sadly...well sadly to an extent I was at a Dylan concert! But because of the concert I missed out on the Sunday Festivities. It sounded like they had a blast, I know they Hiked the Y.

Then finally on Monday we celebrated Onion Days, Labor Day, and Tyler's birthday! We woke up early to go to the parade as usual. (Our family's spot is right across from the Payson Bible Church and every year they try new ways to convert us, this year it was free coffee and donuts on Sunday, and very craftsy handouts.) Sadly, we were rained out of our parade and normal outdoor activities (No ping pong match this year:( ) So we ate inside and watched Dumb and Dumber, when we were through eating we celebrated Ty's b-day. After that the weather pulled a complete 180 and we were able to go the the Carnival. There Ben and I tried to find matching bracelets (You know the cool woven kind that you can only find at festivals?) but didn't have any luck, the booths weren't that good this year, I am guessing alot left because of the rain. When we left Payson we went back over to my aunts house, and just hung out. Lacy and Heather made their midnight chocolate chip cookies. And that is about my weekend in a nutshell. I can't wait for next year!

( I love how Lincoln claps!!!! Haha)

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