Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Fest '08

Well it is that splendid time of the year again, the time just before Halloween when my family and friends (pretty much everyone and their dog) gets together up at my Aunt's house to carve pumpkins! There are so many sweet photos that I couldn't choose which to post. So I decided to use a lot of them, and make a thingy (I'm having troubles recalling what its called..) on photoshop that shows all of them. And if that fails I'll just make a slide show.

As for the pumpkins they turned out sweet! Colby and Malea's pumpkins...pretty much went beyond the definition of "Jack'olanterns" as they do every year. Colby did a self portrait, and Malea did an E.T. that changed colors...she made it so even the freaking finger lit up! As for me, Princess Peach was a success ! lol. Our family had a lot of Simpson's and Nintendo characters this year. I'm still stunned at how my dad pulled off the Mr. Burns one, when I post the photo you will see what I mean, everything from the eyes up is a paper thin line. And Ben, being the pumpkin carving virgin he was actually did a really cool Mario! I was proud of him! Anyway it is late, I have will post those photos tomorrow.

( This is the Jackolantern I did! Lol I did princess peach and Ben ended up doing Mario.)
(Sorry my camera wasn't big enough to fit everyone in the picture:( No worries though, I am posting more!)

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