Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Yes I know it is a little late, but I wanted a good picture of my mom for this post. One of her....special talents is her ability to run like "The Flash" whenever she hears the word Camera and her mentioned in the same sentence. I ended up siding with this one, that was taken at our birthday dinner up at my Grandma Graces. Here are some little facts about Pamela Joyce Smith Grace:
  • She is a great movie buddy!
  • When I was little she challenged the Arizona Monsoon and drove my friends and I to the book fair, despite the fact that it was pouring and thundering uncontrollably and the roads were three feet deep with water.
  • She is amazing at making jewelry.
  • She loves a good book. And she can read like a wizard, I did not get my reading ability from her, she can finish any book in a day...but she prefers to finish them at night with my cat Figaro sitting on her lap.
  • Growing up she wanted to be a pioneer more than anything.
  • Her favorite sweet food is cherry pie, and cheese cake. Especially cheese cake from the Cheese Cake Factory.
  • She loves Autumn it is her favorite season.
  • And she is one cool mom!

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