Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who Needs Odd Cravings?

Today I had a freaking mad craving for hummus. Yes I do like Hummus, I am weird like that. (I prefer the original, and the red chili flavor.) I blame my craving on Brigitte Dale and her comment: "Hummus more like yummus!" Because shortly after watching her podcast I found myself at the grocery store trying to decide between all of the many different kinds of hummus. "Green olive" kept staring me in the face, but I wasn't brave enough to try it this round, ha ha. In the end I decided to go with red chili and original, because I've tried most of them and quite frankly they are the best!

Well I am going to quit talking about my mad craving for hummus, its not that I don't have anything better to write about. Its just I have had so many major events happening in my life both good and bad, that I feel discorouged trying to type them out. Especially with all of the deadlines I am facing now, I feel quite cruched with time. (And yes I realise the irony in the fact that I can't find time to write about important things, yet I can so easily find time to ramble on about hummus...) But don't worry, as far as the important events...well the ones I feel comfortable posting...I will post them! Now if you will excuse me I have some hummus to return to.

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