Thursday, January 20, 2011

Conte Animated Blew Me Away!

Tonight I was blown away by an exhibit in gallery 303 of the Harris Fine Art Center. The Exhibit showcased Ryan Woodward's work of Conte and his most recent animated work "Thought of You." The animation is a dance animation and it blew me away. The amount of talent and creativity exerted by some individuals never ceases to amaze me. Really, I was blown away tonight. Maybe some won't appreciate the rough gestures done in Conte. Trust me it is not easy to create, let alone make it successful and interesting. It is incredible the way he manipulates his lines and how he nails the shapes, and directions. His figures feel as though they are alive and moving!

Tonight was the exhibit's opening night and I was able to meet with the artist himself, he gave me some great insight on techniques and business. Sometimes it is daunting to go to shows where the work is so much better than your own. When the artist is leagues ahead of your own meager abilities. However, I also love it. I love seeing the possibility and what my work can someday become if I work hard. I almost feel it is dangerous to fall in love with your own work. The moment we become completley satisfied with our work and ability we become static and changless. I am a a little afraid of reaching a point I become so satisfied with my own work I feel I no longer need to grow. Such a state sounds dangerous.

Anyway to my friends and family who live in Utah or anyone else who lives here go see this exhibit ASAP! For those who are unable to go I will post the animated video below and some of his sketches from the exhibit. Here is a link to his Ryan's Webpage, go check it out :) Also Check the video out. I hope that you all enjoy it as I certainly did.


Kelsey said...

I love this video! So cool!

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