Sunday, January 30, 2011

Right Now...

After spending 15 hours on Campus on a Saturday (a gorgeous, sunny Saturday) I could really go for one of these.

Hello everyone,

Technically it is Sunday the 30th. But I am writing about Saturday the 29th. I wish I could write to you about the splendid time I spent at the zoo, or about the great Night Night concert at the Story Tellers Show (an event at Velour, a local venue, where the bands tell the stories behind their songs before they sing them), or about the fun time I had baking brie with my friend Ian. But alas, all of the above are what I had to give up today. Instead, I spent 15 hours of what was probably the warmest and sunniest Saturday of the season on campus.

These days I have been spending WAY TOO MUCH time at school. On average I am at school from 8am to 10pm working on various things. The following weeks and weekends don't look any more promising either. I may just have to change my address to that of the library's pretty soon. Yuck!

I know I shouldn't complain about school. Don't get the wrong idea I am very grateful for the opportunities I have been given to be educated. Especially after reading UNICEF's recent report on the reopening of the main girls school in Pakistan's Swat Valley. It had been closed for most of the year due to insurgency, ensuing military operations, and flood conditions. After hearing how happy this one school's reopening made so many it is hard to take my own schooling for granted.

My whining aside, today was actually a really good day. I got a lot accomplished! My type specimen (In my earlier post I called it a font book. That was an incorrect term for what I am doing, so sorry to mislead.) is turning out awesome! I am ready for my upcoming test, and my paintings? Well... they are coming. I may scream a few profanities before they are finished...but they are coming. I'll leave it at that.

On a side note, For those who live in the U.S. does anyone know anything about the whole "re-introducing the Internet kill switch" bill? It doesn't sound good. Especially with everything that is happening in Egypt now.

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