Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Girls Night Out

(Its funny I've noticed that every picture my cousins and I take are coordinated with our hair color...Heather is always between me and Brenna, and Becky fit right in by me...lol. What would we have done if Heather had decided to keep her hair color the bright blonde she had it just a few days prior?! Our pictures would have been thrown into chaos, lol.)

Sorry for the lack of posts, my computer decided to take a......well it decided not to work for me for a little while. (Some smart person put a cheap samsung hard drive in our computer:( ...Don't get me wrong I love samsungs but hard drives are not their specialty.) Anyway, last Saturday my Grandma Grace planned a night for most of the girl cousins (all of us who still live up here) and and our moms. The plan was to eat at her house than go see the musical Beauty and the Beast. It sounds simple enough, but my family always has a way of turning the simple into an adventure.

The dinner was great, we ate outside under my grandma's pavilion (...I believe that is what its called....) My mom and Aunt Lesli raved about the Olympics while My Aunt Patty was (as a result of laughing to hard over some comment the two had said) choking on her salad. After we finished eating, Heather and I began to play with Tyler (Patty's baby). He is so cute he kept asking Heather for more "dizzies" ("dizzy" is what he calls it when Heather picks him up and spins him around) and then giggled hysterically when he got his way. He is so cute!

After we ate and mingled for a bit we went down to the theater to wait in line. It was quite an adventure....people in that city get oddly aggressive over these things....lol. Leave it to Becky to have a run in with the most aggressive lady there, ha ha. This woman, my family didn't know her name so we just referred to her as "blue shirt," was a total biotch. The play was a community play, but was surprisingly good. I didn't like the beast as much, but the girl who played Belle however was amazing, she sounded just like the girl who played her in the movie. In a few years she could be on Broadway. I was really impressed with the set up of the show. Still I couldn't help snicker at some parts, like how Babette, the feather-duster, had a very strong Spanish accent but was trying to have a french accent. I was pretty pleased with Gaston. (He has always been one of my favorite villans, lol.) In the Broadway version he is a lot more of a scum.

Anyway it was a lot of fun. Sorry for posting this so late. I have ALOT more I need to post on. But do to time I will have to do it later.

(Theo and Ty with their "Dizzies")

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