Monday, August 18, 2008

I Love New Discoveries!

(This was the only image I could find of the bridge, I believe this picture was taken during the Fall, it was greener when i went over it today. The image is done by Robert Matthews )

This morning I was awake earlier than usual because I had to drive my mom to the car rental dealership (she and a few people from BYU are driving to Idaho to visit the BYU Idaho campus for some work related reason...I am not quite sure what it is other than that.) When I returned home, rather than falling back asleep (I was much to productive to even think of doing such a thing) I decided to pull out my bike and embark on an adventure. I rode all over my neighborhood but soon became bored with that so I decided to let my bike take me where it wished. I ended up turning on a bike pass I had never seen before,(I feel a little silly saying that because I am sure everyone who lives here knows it) It was a lovely trail that follows the river all the way to the lake! It was very pretty! Sadly I didn't go all of the way to the lake today, but I have plans too in the future!

Well in truth I had two discoveries today, although one was more of a rediscovery than an actual discovery. I discovered a fun pretty bike trail, that passes one of my favorite places to eat on the way, and I rediscovered how much fun bike riding can be! With gas prices increasing this is a very convenient rediscovery :P. I have plans to take Ben with me on Saturday morning, and after that I want to bike the Provo Canyon bike trail (the Provo Canyon Trail is the prettiest, it still passes the river as well it is just longer) to Bridal Veil Falls. I will do a better more descriptive post on both trips. Well I still have a lot of productive energy in me so I am going to put it to good use and clean my room!

Until my next post:)

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