Friday, April 10, 2009

The blossoms are always so lovely this time of year. Today as I sat under an apricot tree in full bloom, a perfect temperature spring wind brushed my face, the scent of the intoxicating blossoms were all it took to take my mind on a journey back in time to that warm clear night when you and I fell asleep under your blooming apricot tree. You and I were both so young, that night we talked about our dreams, hopes, and where we wanted to be when we grew up.

I then allowed myself to daydream about the present. That I wasn't sitting alone but you were there with me. We laughed when we realized how different our lives turned out to be, we agreed that chasing after our dreams was so much easier said than done. Then we began to just talk like nothing ever was wrong between us. Pride no longer mattered.

In short, today as I sat under those white blossoms I realized how truly and desperately I miss you. Friendship and Forgiveness are beautiful and delicate things.

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