Monday, April 27, 2009

Right now if I could hang out with anyone it would be...

Karen O. Thats right the Yeah Yeah Yeah's crazy vocalist. Here are some of the few reason's why I really would like to befriend Karen.

  • She is one of the few artists that is truly original.

  • Like her or not she is who she is, and she isn't afraid to show it. I really admire that.

  • She has so much energy. (need proof? Watch her performances...)

  • She puts her whole heart into things.

  • She has her own sense of fashion (oh where to begin with her fashion), many things she actually made fashionable.

  • Of course she has a stellar voice.

  • She is so interesting I would love to talk with her, hear her views and outlooks on life.

  • And lastly she is a fellow lover of twirling. In her own words:
    "I used to twirl around all the time when I was three. I’m still always twirling on stage. I’m just a grown-up kid — the sandpit is where I want to be the whole time. I have the right career for it."


ben scholle said...

Hey ash i didn't get a blog or anything but i thought i ought to at least respond to my girl friend's blogs. Since i don't have school today or anything i am a little more bored then usual, so to kill time (and keep my sanity) i decided to read every one of your blogs (including your clorox bleach one lol). Anyways o totally agree with your cousins comments i think you should consider writing as a career your fantastic at it and i know you would be highly successful. ;)

Ashley Grace said...

BAHAHAHAHA My writing this year stinks! Last year's posts were much better. I don't really know what happened this year...I guess I am in a less "documenting" mood. I will try to be better though.