Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter and Gavin's Baby Blessing:)

Sorry I know this post is really late, but I couldn't find my camera...And what would a family gathering post like this be with out pictures? ...My point exactly. Anyway sorry it is late I hope you enjoy. Oh and Happy Late Easter! :)

(The photo above is of me, my cousin Brooke and little Gavin. He is so cute!!!)

This Easter was a special one, because it was also the day that Gavin Scott Macdonald had his baby blessing. Because of this, the ritual Easter Sunday dinner at my Aunt's house was super packed this year. Not only did we have the majority of my Grace family (this includes the Donahues, Woolstenhulmes, and Graces) attending, but we also had all of Legrand's (Brooke's dad/Gavin's Grandpa) side of the fam, and Jimmy's family (Gavin's dad) there. All of us brought a dish to add to the dinner, so it was great! The desserts were amazing. There was one, (kutos to who ever made it) that really made my month. For starters it was a peanut butter cookie...but it also had like a weird chocolatey peanut buttery supprise in the center. Uh, I am drooling just thinking about it! I tried to eat one of each of the desserts but I couldn't make it this year sadly :(.

(Here is a picture of our amazing banquet. I know this photo makes it look like it wasn't that crowded, but it was taken when we were getting everything set up.)

After the Easter festivities, Heather, Becky, Lacy, Brennard, Brenna, Eli, and myself retired downstairs where we played Super Mario on the Super Nintendo. I was quite impressed with Eli and Brennard they did really well. There are a few rights of passage to get into my family, knowing how to play super Nintendo is one of them. Ha ha just kidding, but you get serious brownie points!


Brianne and Brandon said...

I can always count on you to deliver me with pictures. Thanks for taking them, I am sad I missed the big day. You looked so cute in your easter dress, I want it! hope all is well

Ashley Grace said...

No problem, I really missed you! I hope you had a great Easter, and you can borrow the dress any time you want!