Monday, April 6, 2009

A Little Early...But Happy Easter!

(The Egg I am holding is not sporting a bow tie, although if you look closely Ben's is ^^. It is a boom box with lighting and music coming out of it...It's pretty much sweet.)

Last Sunday was so much fun! I started the day out by going to my Grandparents on my mom's side to meet my cousin's new girlfriend and to celebrate Aleta's birthday. Shortly after that Ben and I headed up to my Aunts house for the beginning of our Easter Festivities.

My cousins Brooke and Becky are in town because (I would like to think me, I mean come on, who wouldn't travel thousands of miles to spend a week with me right? lol.) Brooke is blessing her baby, Gavin, next Sunday. Anyway, this Sunday we painted Easter Eggs up at my Aunts house. I have never truly understood the traditions associated with Easter, Rabbits and eggs, painting the eggs no less, it seems a little random to me. But it is always fun none-the-less. One of my favorite Spring activities is painting Easter Eggs with my family and friends. I must say we had some pretty "designer-fashion" eggs this year, as well as some pretty creative eggs too. (Check Colby and Malea's blog out I am sure they will post their eggs.) Despite how fun and creative we were this year, I found myself a little disappointed of the lack of the crappy egg. Every year we have at least one butt ugly Easter Egg that someone makes. Should you be the one to find this nasty looking egg it is supposedly bad luck for the rest of the year ha ha. Or at least a bad omen or something like unto those two scenarios.

Hmm... After reading those last sentences I cannot help but wonder: "How warped am I?" that I actually miss the demonic egg that bestows ill wishes upon its finder. So scratch that... Good job everyone who participated for not messing up on an Easter Egg this year!

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