Wednesday, January 28, 2009

As Of Today...

YAY!!!! :D - I passed my biology exam, and not only did I pass I got an 'A'! Not and 'A-', an 'A!' Woo-hoo! However, only the multiple choice part of the test has been graded so far, the application exam should be graded by next week. I am not too stressed though, application exams are my specialty and I feel good about that portion of the test! .....I probably shouldn't speak so soon though....Can one be jinxed through blogging? :(

WOOPS... I really do feel bad...Scratch that really bad! - Alright, I made my first mistake by bringing up the dreaded and almost taboo topic of the BYU/UofU game that took place last night... I was talking with my friend Alyse about it in my class (While I was talking, I noticed the guy in front of me fidget a little, a normal move I supposed for a die-hard fan when a bad game is brought up.) I continued on, and started to vent to my friend about how BYU has not been doing as hot as we usually do in sports this year, while this is true...I may have said it with a little less tact to my friend. It was about this point in time when the guy sitting directly in front of me turned around with a mixed look of hurt and anger in his eyes........ The worst part? I am 90% sure that that guy is a part of the basketball team.... Oh man, what am I going to do with myself? Karma did get me back today though, I lost my favorite MAC lipgloss "oyster girl." It fell out of my pocket:( I don't have money to buy more either for a little while! So I suppose justice was served?

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Tanner + his girls said...

good job! also i love your post to anthro....your so creative with your writing i love reading your post love ya!