Friday, January 2, 2009

Catch Up- Gingerbread House Fest 08!

Every year family and friends that either live here or are visiting assemble to the Woolstenhulmes for our annual Gingerbread house making fest. Although we had a few less people than last year the spirit of the event was just as lively. Deplorably enough, Ben and I had the "Hurricane Catrina" house this year ha ha. Danielle's house caved but she actually turned it into something freaking awesome! She made her demolished house a "twister victim" using an ice-cream cone for the tornado and marshmallows for the clouds at the top. She also placed a yellow ribbon around it for "caution tape." It was as stated earlier "awesome." Other houses I thought were pretty creative this year included:...surprise, Colby and Malea's, who made a camper complete with an outhouse, red necks sitting by a fire, and raccoons in the garbage. And Heather and Chris's who made a McDonald's with the hamburglar and other such characters. This year rocked, and I am stoked for next year because I have the greatest idea!

(I always, without fail, eat the pieces of my gingerbread house! Every year! I can't help it, and the worst part is that it doesn't even taste good!)

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