Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Possible Career Switch to a Wicca?

(Warning the content in this post may show how much of a nerd I actually am...)

I have just spent the last hour in a section of the library that is often portrayed in movies as the "University Make Out spot." You know that area that is exceptionally rural, where the books are coated with a layer of dust and perfumed with mildew, and the lights are dim? That is where I spent my afternoon researching alternative and herbal medicines for one of my classes.

Despite how tedious that first paragraph sounded, I actually am really enjoying this topic. I have always been fascinated with the lore of plants and herbs. When I was younger I made a point to memorize which plants could be used as lethal poisons. And I love the healing aspect of plants as well. Something I have always found interesting is that many times a plant will contain both medicinal aspects and hazardous ones depending on which part of the plant you are using. In some plants the leaves and flowers are poisonous while the roots are nutritious.

Hmmm...after this research project perhaps I will plant the garden I have always wanted...except instead of just putting "pretty flowers" in it I will fill it with medicinal flowers and plants!


Brianne and Brandon said...

You are a very talented writer! Every time I read your posts I think you should major in journalism! You have a talent for it, and it is fun to get to read your blog. I like to research random things like that too. Stuff that most people don't know a lot about. You really feel smart after doing so, although you may never use the things you learned again.

Brooke said...

I agree with Bri, you do have a knack for writing. It's fun to read