Friday, January 30, 2009

"Raise your skirts and bob your hair "

Last night Benjamin and I went and saw the musical Thoroughly Modern Millie! Brenna and I have watched the movie of it that was done in the 1960s with Julie Andrews numerous times so I was stoked to go see the live performance! It was sooo good! The entire time I was watching it I was hysterical. I loved it, they did a great job!

I really am such a fashion nerd, part of my mind while watching the play was blazing with the history of the "roaring 20s flapper girl fashion" and thinking of designs I could do that are inspired by that era and the play. Lol, I will post the ones that actually surface in my sketch book.

( I am pretty sure I am going to start wearing make up like

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Shelby said...

How fuN!! I have been wanting to go to that forever. I always watched that at Grandmas house.