Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let It Snow!

(Image taken from freefoto.com)

I never understood the term "winter wonderland" before I came here, then again I had never seen snow except for what I saw of it in movies until I came here either....and you never know how real that stuff is, ha ha. I now understand why so much magic is associated with snow. It does seem magical the way an ordinary street can be transformed into a place of sparkling white bliss over the time scale of one night.

This morning when I woke up I felt that my house had been relocated during my sleep. It was no longer where it once had been, but had been moved to the center of a snow globe, one that had just been recently shaken. Clumps, not flakes, of snow were falling down and the snow that already lay on the earth came up past my knees! The trees were all veiled in white and arched over the streets as if greeting those passing by this new icy world.

Here are some things to do today if you live in the snow.
1. Obviously go outside make a snowman-snow fort-snow angel...etc.
2. Deck some unsuspecting victim with a snowball. *evil laugh*
3. You could have an icicle sword fight...do this with caution though....
4. Sledding, snowboarding, skiing are all great on days like today!
5. Go ice skating (on a date if you can!), then afterward make or go get hot chocolate! A good recommendation I have is at Starbucks and it is their new White Hot Chocolate with peppermint pieces.
6. Cuddle up in blankets and watch a good movie!

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