Sunday, March 1, 2009

It Was Made For Me.

I love it when life hands you an unexpected gift, no matter how small or simple it may be. I find that often the small and simple ones are the best. :) I hope that I am never so occupied with something or so caught up in a self absorbed trap that I lose the ability to notice when life gives me these simple but sweet presents.

This gift was presented to me last week, when my schedule consisted of tests, projects, studying for more tests, and, surprise, taking more tests. (Maybe it was a token for not committing suicide on the spot...who knows?) I was in the library studying for these tedious life suckers known as tests (I say "life suckers" with full certainty...I gave up an MC Hammer/Vanilla Ice concert after party to study and get a good night's rest!) when I decided to take a break and walk around. Somehow, I ended up in the "Fashion Photography" isles, an area of the library I was unaware even existed until I stumbled upon it. While briefly skimming over the vast tomes (a.k.a really big books) my eyes locked on one particular book. It was the name that was what caught my attention. Stamped across the top in big bold letters were the words "GRACE," my last name! The book contained land marks of vogue, beautiful illustrations, advertisements, dresses and everything else fashion that was worth remembering in the magazine's history. Did I mention that my last name was the title of this treasure?! In the end I couldn't part with it just then and ended up carrying all 500 pounds of it home with me.

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Brianne and Brandon said...

I wish I was in town to curl up in a blanket on the couch and read it with you. I am excited for the day when that book will be all your designs. Or when you become a journalist because you are a great writer! :)