Friday, March 13, 2009

Three Things About This Picture.

(I saw this on another blog and I thought I would do my own adaption of it:) )

1. The lovely piece of art you see in my hand I got for free. It was one of many left overs the Visual Arts Department was giving away. Sadly, I am a succor for freebies, when I heard someone say that they were giving art away I immediately took a "restroom break" from my class and went and skimmed them over.

While I was bent over with one hand full of these small prints and the other hand fishing through the rest of the box (a glutenous pose most sensible people wouldn't want to be caught in) a girl from my class hunted me down and asked me if she could do a documentary on me.......I swear when you hang out in the HFAC or any art building you are setting yourself up for a situation similar to this. I didn't know what to say (I'm not that interesting), an immediate "no" seemed rude, but I really am not that good in front of a camera either....I still need to give her an answer...but I am at a loss as to how to respond:(

2. The blue necklace I am wearing was made by a really cute little girl who lives near my house. It is really cute! She was 10 or 11 and the painting of the bird is really accurate. Who needs diamonds or pearls? Things that are made with love (and with taste in this case) are always the best:).

3. My friend Derek took this picture of me when I was unaware, ha ha I was making a funny face at him and before I could pull back the flash errupted from my camera. I can't be too upset though, I did ask him to take pictures of me for my oil painting class but I ment pictures I was actually ready for ha ha.

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