Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Special Day for Lucy Grace Erickson

Sunday was the newest girl of my family's baby blessing. Little Lucy looked so precious in the blessing gown my grandma sewed for her. She has stolen my heart and I just know that I am going to spoil her rotten as she grows up. After her blessing we headed over to Patti's and Marty's for an after party-dinner. Where Tyler and I both ate one too many Johnson Chocolate Easter Eggs...

(My Aunt Patti was rounding me, Lacy, Brenna, and Heather up for a picture when all of the sudden we hear Brenna scream then shout "Ah Jennifer Lopez wasn't lying in her movie!!!" The heal of her shoe had gotten stuck in the air vent and she almost twisted her ankle. Oh my gosh it was so funny (not the fact hat she almost twisted her ankle), we spent forever trying to get her bloody shoe out of the vent!)

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