Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekends and What Not...

Hey everyone! Sorry that this year I have sucked at keeping posts, ha ha, I guess I have been to caught up with living my life vs. documenting it. I will try to be better though I promise!

Anyway, this weekend I had a blast! I refused to touch any of my school work and just partied. This weekend served as a much needed break and I loved every second of it! Last Friday was my friend Corinne's Bachelorette party. Where planning it sucked... the actual event turned out great and we all had a grand time. By the end of the, I think I made myself sick off of mixing pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris. Saturday my friend Joe and I went to the Festival of colors, afterwords we played miniature golf, ate at the Pennyroyal cafe and then ended the night by watching a movie at his place with his sister Amy who is also my really good friend.

For those that do not know what "Holi, the festival of color" is here is a clip I found from a previous year. Enjoy. When watching this video and seeing all of the colored chalk in the air I worry for everyone's lungs ha ha.

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