Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Possibly A New Tradition?

(Ehem...don't ask about this picture...lol)

Last Friday my friend and I went to the Provo gallery stroll, an event that takes place the first Friday of every month. It is free and consists of live music, food, and various fine arts. Often you get to meet the artists themselves. It is a side of Provo most don't see and it was a blast! This month even had belly dancers at the Provo Community Church. (Yes for those wondering, of course we stopped and watched this.) I had never been to the "stroll" before this trip, and I really only went because my friend Allen had his work displayed in the clothing boutique Mode. It really was a blast! I am definitely going to start going every month! While embarking down University Avenue I even discovered a new favorite spot to eat and hang-out, maybe I am becoming trendy but I definitely want to make a few stops at the new Pennyroyal cafe, I liked the atmosphere of it and the people who own it are nice too:)! Apparently they are going to start trying to have dances there, which is icing on the cake:)

I'm really sad that I didn't take more pictures of this event. At the time I wasn't sure if we could or not. However, I found various pictures online of previous gallery strolls to post for you:) I tried to my best to source all of these correctly let me know if I screwed up.

(This is the Pennyroyal cafe)

(Here is where Allen's work was displayed.)
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(I love Coal Umbrella:) )

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