Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday the 18th

Hello all,

I have decided to can the idea of only journaling on Sunday. Forget I ever mentioned it. While it still remains true that most of my free time to write will be on that day I prefer to write as it comes to me. Plus I would rather have lots of little posts than one gigantic post a week.

Without further ado, here is my journal entry for today!

-Morning & Early Afternoon- 

This morning I woke up early and had my hair cut, colored, and styled. I felt like such a girl and I loved it!

Shortly after I had my hair styled my work held a chocolate fondue party! They really went all out with it. There were many different kinds of chocolates to choose from, my favorite being the melted white chocolate dip yum! It was great to be paid to eat chocolate and hang out with my friends!

- Afternoon - 

I am a member of Students for International Development at BYU and it will soon be time for the annual Hunger Banquet they host to raise awareness about global poverty and to celebrate human dignity. Last year the organization hosted a creative competition for the event and I learned this afternoon that they are doing it again this year, woo-hoo! 

This year the competition is to promote their theme: "Peace by Piece." Artists can turn in pieces that express the theme with various mediums. I want to submit a painting. :)

 -Night (Glorious Night)-

 Tonight the moon was bright and the art was great! I went up to Salt Lake City to see the Big-Eyed Women show.
"Big-Eyed Women is a group exhibition of Utah female artists who meet together periodically in order to celebrate womanhood through various forms of creativity. These women represent diverse life experiences and backgrounds. They join together to explore the common strands that are woven throughout their lives as women. Their art touches on universal themes tied to womanhood." 
Okay, so I ripped that quote right off the flyer for the show...but honestly, I couldn't have written or described it any better... I went tonight to meet with the artists and to support my friend Emily's work (I wrote about one of her paintings earlier click here to view).  I was impressed with the gallery, the art, and the turn out. I was even able to leave with some poetry-creative writing books. Can you say score?

 Me being a dork by the art sign.


The girl in the red sweater is Emily! This is one of the paintings she did, isn't it great?!
Heather and Emily by her painting


After the leaving the gallery I went and ate dinner at the Rio Grande, a restaurant that according to many hasn't changed at all in 40 yrs. Their food is sooo good! If you are ever in Salt Lake City stop by there and order the #6. You will thank me.


Well, it is really late here where I am writing. To conclude, today was an eventful day, the weather was lovely and lots of good things took place. I hope that you all have a wonderful night!

Later days!

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