Saturday, February 12, 2011

To Make : Pantone Cookies!

As an aspiring artist and designer I am very familiar with pantone chips. I love them and I use them often when I am trying to find just the right hue or create a good color pallet. I also am very familiar with and love cookies. So I was very excited when I found the work the designer Kim Neill featured on Fossil's archive page. This designer combines the best of both worlds!

Neill says that she came up with this clever idea when she discovered some empty pantone tins while searching through an art supply store. When she saw them she thought "what better a way to fill the tins than with cookies?"

The best part is that on her website she gives the recipe to make them! I am trying to put together a show to display my work and maybe I will serve these delectable goodies. :)

Check out Neill’s page and look at her recipe for the cookies Here.

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