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I wrote and originally intended to post this on Sunday. From now on it is my wish to use Sunday as my day to document what has happened during my week. When the semester is over and I have more free time this may change, but I feel that Sunday is the perfect day to publish my weekly adventures. This post will cover two weeks so it may be a bit lengthy. Sorry!

School and Work
(We might as well knock this topic out first)

I haven't been as busy as I am now in a long time. I have sacrificed so much sleep for school and various work projects. Four nights last week I didn't sleep at all and I am still fighting to stay caught up with everything. Its funny when I was a little girl I used to fight and struggle so hard when my parents would try to put me to bed. To me the night seemed magical and mysterious, I felt that I wasted it with sleep. Many times I would lay in bed and think: "I can't wait until I grow up and can stay up ALL night!" I guess it's true when they say be careful what you wish for. If I'd only known that a time would come when I would be lucky and praying for time to sleep!

What are the culprits of my sleep deprivation? A massive essay for my ancient civilization class, a test in another, an outside figure study (the stupid thing had to be drawn on a HUGE scale), a type specimen book, and two paintings. The type specimens in my class turned out awesome. I wish that I could post pictures of them.

Even though I miss sleep I really enjoy the classes I am taking and am happy that I didn't try and lighten my load. In a bazaar way I welcome the heavy workload. You see the last few months my mind has really been stuck on certain things (okay fine a person) and with so much to get done I haven't had time to worry and stress about anything else.

Moving on to...

Last, Last Friday (Aka Feb 4th)

Lately I have been spending time with my mom and my family. My mom works at a university and last Friday she was able to check out a theater room and we watched the 25th Anniversary Edition of Les Miserables. I grew up listening to the 10th Anniversary Edition and I will never fully be able to describe how much this musical moves and inspires me. If I was a crying-type-person I would be in tears by the time the preacher gives Valjean the candle holders every time.

Among the many, many beautiful lines and verses in this musical my favorite is this:

"Take my love,
For love is everlasting.
And remember
The truth that once was spoken
To love another person
Is to see the face of God!"

At the end of the 25th Anniversary Edition they brought out 4 Valjean's who made the musical famous and had them sing "Bring Him Home." Although Alfie Boe is amazing the first Valjean who sings, Colm Wilkinson, is and always will be my favorite. Please watch it, it is beautiful.

After we watched the musical my mom and I went to the Gallery Stroll that takes place the first Friday of the month (click here to read more about it) here in Provo and saw a bunch of good art. My illustration program put on a show for the event as well. There was live music, food, and all sorts of fun.

Saturday the 5th
(Hip-Hop Night)

 Something people don't know about me is that I love hip-hop (well...good hip-hop that is), especially when it comes to dancing purposes. On Saturday my friends' bands Chance Lewis and Apt played. It was Adam's band Apt's first show and I have to say I liked it. Adam did a good job!

Skipping to the Next week and the following Saturday...

Saturday the 12th
(The Painting, The Bargain, and
The Bad Love Poetry Reading)

My friend (who happens to be an amazing artist) Emily did a painting entitled "She Saw Pearls." And guess who the model was? None other than me :). The painting along with a few others is now hanging up in a Barnes and Noble in Sandy and yes I was vain enough that I had to go get a picture by it!

While I was at the bookshop I found a treasure in the bargain book pile! For those who may not know I am OBSESSED with the ocean, marine life...and well all things water related. This obsession surfaces a lot in my art, making a book all about the anatomy of ocean creatures a very welcome addition to my bookshelf. :)

Later that evening my friends and I attended a "Bad Love Poetry Reading" at the Parlor. It was so much fun! I ended up reading a poem that I had written in middle school (it was bad) and my friend wrote and read a poem about the band White Stripes splitting up. My favorite though, was when a girl stood up and announced that her poem was called "Love on the Beach" and proceeded to make dolphin, seagull and whale noises.

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