Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random Rambling: Sickness

So on a sadder note than my "love letter" in response to Corinne's post "my favoritist Ashley," (not to sound sarcastic, a post of appreciation to my best friend was LONG over due!) have you noticed how everyone is sick with a disease of some sort these days? Seriously, I was walking down the hall at the university and people were just making me sad. I over heard multiple ramblings of many different physical vexes people have. One lady was complaining about the seizures she had all through out the weekend, another guy was complaining about his terrible sleep insomnia, and one person couldn't figure out what they had they kept going to doctors but no one could figure anything out what was wrong with him.

I believe that there are more ailments now-a-days simply because of how technologically advanced we are. I am not saying that this is a bad thing, I mean I would not be living myself were it not for modern medicines (perhaps I am part of the problem). Way back when if you were sick with something you died, and you couldn't pass the gene on, but now with the advancements we have many that would have died live. Thus they survive to reproduce and pass along that gene that earlier would have screwed them over. Pretty much humans have killed natural selection.

This is kind of a touchy topic. Is this necessarily a bad thing? On one hand you have parents that are now permitted to raise and love their children that because of our advancements survived such things as cancer, and diabetes. But on the other hand more of those people are passing along the gene to future generations. I am just raising a question. This is a topic that I don't believe has a definite answer. I do not agree with Hitler who terribly miss used Darwin's theory. I mean who are we to determine who has the right to live?

Three things I am grateful for:

1. Kids with a good vocabulary. I think languages are important and are slowly dying as we become lazier. So when I was working the other day and saw a five year old little boy look at me putting fruit in the blender tilt his head and say: "Fascinating." Not only did it make me laugh, and temporarily shock me, it made me happy to know that there are children out there that know more words than "cool." (I hope that kid doesn't get beat up at school:( )

2.Hazelnut steamers, They keep me warm, make me happy, and they are the best. I tried a strawberry steamer yesterday and felt sick the rest of the day. I guess that's what I get for straying from the classic.

3. The internet, I like how it has allowed me to stay close with those of my friends and family that have moved far away. I like being able to see pictures of Rachael's new baby, and the crazy Halloween houses my cousin saw.


Corinne said...

Never venture away from the hazlenut!! Nothing good comes from it!!

Brianne said...

Brandon and I are always trying to improve our vocabulary as well. I have a lot more work than he does but I agree with you that we all need to expand our language. I like reading your posts.