Monday, November 17, 2008

To Corinne

Corinne Hansen is the sweetest, smartest, hardest working (I don't care if she or Derek protest to that I have watched her for four years now and I can state that she is) girl one will ever meet. She is truly my Bodhisattva! She has been a light in my life ever since the day I was lucky enough to meet her. She is the one that is always thinking of others before herself; Be it her brothers and sisters, Derek and his family, Her parents (the whole lot), me, or anyone else that may need her. It has always boggled my mind how much of herself and what she has to others. She was placed in my life at a very dark time when I needed a friend the most, and I am eternally grateful for every precious moment I have been able to spend with her.

One thing that I have always admired about Corinne is that she is reliable, when she says she will do something, she means it and does it. At times she will even go through difficult extremes to do what she has said she will do. She has always looked after me, I might be lying somewhere dead now were it not for her ha ha. I can always count on her.

She listens to my jokes, and to all of my RANDOM thoughts. She always makes me laugh. I am going to miss that kitchen......ha ha yes, we have spent many a good hour laughing over stupid nothings there, seriously Queeny you might want to have that kitchen looked into for I think that I am always my smiliest when I am around Corinne a trait I know annoys her sometimes, but I can't help it she makes me happy.

Another thing about Corinne is that she doesn't like to conform to traditions she views as pointless or stupid, and though I admire her for this, I admit that when it comes to holidays I have been so programmed in my family to celebrate them and love them that I sometimes get frustrated when she calls carving pumpkins stupid. A term that is sacrilegious in my fam. ha ha.

I love Corinne soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! She is so much fun to be around! She is the only one who can understand my twisted way of thinking sometimes ha ha. I love that we can finish each others sentences and thought processes. And I am pretty sure she is the only one who I can call with a mouth full of spit and tooth-paste, with a tooth brush shoved down my throat and actually understand every word I say. I love all of the midnight breakfast burrito runs we have made in our day, hopefully that never comes to an end!
I love how Corinne can always tell when I am upset or when something is wrong with me depsite how hard I try to hide it. She can read me like a book and that is hard.

Not to mention I can always count on her for a good read, and it is nice sometimes to take a break and watch an episode of CSI. Ha ha and I love the fact that she is nice enough to actually call me smart when she has witnessed all of my stupid moments first hand! She is the smart one! I have loved getting into deep philosophical discussions with her.

Where do I end, I keep thinking of so many wonderful things to say about my completely and totally wonderful friend! I could write a whole novel on the spectacularness of my amazing friend Corinne. But I had better stop because it is almost time for me to go to class. In short I will say this to some up my friend.
Corinne: Sweet, stubborn at times, loving, true romantic, great taste in books, horrible taste in friends...well Derek and Ceason are okay...mainly just me...., outstanding writer ( I believe that she should be a journalist), smart, and over all simply amazing!

I love you Corinne! I believe that we are soul mates in the non romantic form, I love ya so much! Thanks for always being my friend! I love you a million reeses peices! I don't know what I would do with out you either, really I am holding firm to the "dead in a ditch somewhere" theory. Lol.
Thank you for being my friend!


Corinne said...

Ashley I love you! You're too nice. You are my hero. I love you.

Ashley Grace said...

Yeah, yeah... quit fishing for compliments you have a whole novel of them on my blog:P J/k I love ya too!