Monday, November 3, 2008

Utah Vote Yes to Proposition Two!

It was brought to my attention that many people in the state of Utah (that are eligible to vote for this proposition) do not plan to vote "yes" for Proposition 2. Although I admit that I sometimes view zoos as necessary evils (please do not take offense by this statement, I simply find it sad that we have to cage creatures for their own "protection") Why not? It is 39 cents a month, and that 39 cents will do us and the animals a world of good. Proposition 2 will create an animal care facility, a new arctic exhibit that would include polar bears, seals, and arctic wolves, as well as phase one of the "African Savannah.” Zoos allow children to experience parts of the world that they may never get to see in person. Zoos are fun, the money will allow better environmental education, programs, green space acquisitions and capital improvement projects.

If you would like to look at more information regarding proposition 2 here is a good article I found:

Vote yes!

(I do know that there are problems with proposition two, for one it is being proposed in the midst of a downward economic spiral. I know we cannot afford to always be Santa Clause, but it is our children (I speak in future tense for me) and our own backyard we are hurting, if you would like to read a good article that talks about the faults with Prop. 2 go to this site:

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