Saturday, November 8, 2008

Things I Am Grateful Today

Today I have been particularly cranky and focusing on the negative so I figured that I would counter it with thinking of things I am grateful for. It is November the month of thankfulness isn't it? So here are a few of many things I am so grateful for.

1. The ability to make others smile.
2. On the opposite side of smiles, I am grateful for tears too. I have never been able to cry easily, sometimes I wish I could. Too often I think we feel ashamed of tears, I know that I am the number one individual that is guilty of this. (I think part of the reason I cannot really cry is that I taught myself not to at a young age.)
3. I am grateful for sunrises, (I would say sunsets too, growing up in Arizona sunsets were always my ideal of beauty, but lately I am tired of endings, so right now I am grateful for "sunrises")
4. The sound of running water, nothing is more tranquil to me than the sound of water.
5. The physical senses, touch, smell (I suppose this depends on what I am smelling...then again I think that applies to all of the senses), sight, hearing, all of them.
6. Laughter.
7. Hot hazelnut steamers....with extra whipped creme I might add. (Ordering these has become routine for me now that it is so freaking cold outside!)...although I am not that grateful for the name...really... "steamer"? They couldn't come up with something better...

Alright, well my list could go on and on so for this post I will stop at seven. Seven is a good number after all. But throughout this month on every post I am going to put at least three things I am grateful for at the end of it. I think that one of the greatest faults one can have is ingratitude.


The Brownies said...

oh i love what you wrote! it was so fun seeing you at becky's shower the other day! thank you for gitting me pumped for az love you!

Brianne said...

I am also thankful for those things. I love fall and November. We all have a lot to be thankful for and it is really great to have a month to concentrate on all of our blessings.