Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

"Thanksgiving: A holiday about an indigenous people, we celebrate with turkey and an underdog float." - Steven Hyde from That 70's Show.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I wish everyone "Tums" to help us sleep, and a merry week and a half of great left-overs! Personally I hope I can get some of the stuffing, in my family it is always the first thing to run out. This year for Thanksgiving we ate up at my Aunt Leslee's house (it alternates between her place and my grandmothers). The turkey was divine this year! I guess my aunt drowned the turkey in whine when she was cooking it, whatever she did it was spectacular! So I suppose drunk turkeys are the way to go? All of the food that I have been waiting for a year now for were spectacular, the cheesey-beans that my Aunt Lisa makes have become a rare treat in my family, she no longer makes them for the routine Sunday dinner, nope they have become a Thanksgiving delicacy. The stuffing topped previous years if possible, and the salads were great! (Good job mom!) I love thanksgiving, in my family it is the time that my Aunt Leslee whips out the fancy china, and the goblets (A cup that Lincoln was FASINATED by, he wouldn't drink out of anything else. Lincoln also discovered crutons this year and they were the only things he would eat. When he wasn't walking around the table pointing at people and saying his newly learned phrase: "You play ball like a girl!" (Watch the movie Sandlot and you will see where he learned it.) he was shoving a fist full of crutons in his mouth.) Well, my family dedicates alot of days for eachother, but this is one of the great ones. After the feast and the infamous pie-fest we usually go see a movie. This years choice was "Four Christmases."

Oh pie-fest, how I love you. I have to start a new paragraph for this great....GRAND event! I was only able to manage five slices of pie this year:( But they were incredible! Really, though we may not have had as many people this year, and we were short two pies of last year, it was great!!!!!!!! We had the classic pies like pumpkin and banana creme (a family favorite) as well as new pies I had never heard of like an Alaskan cooked pie, it sounds like there should be sea-food in there (When it was pink Danielle and I couldn't help but wonder) but there wasn't, it was really good and oddly had ice creme baked in it. I also loved the "hostess" pie that Travis and Danielle concocted. Ha ha.

Well it is late, and I have to work the dreaded "Black Friday" tomorrow so I will need my sleep if I am to survive. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Don't forget to be grateful, the greatest fault one can have is ingratitude, but I won't preach, a) because I am too tired to, and b) I doubt for those that have actually stuck this far with me in reading my post will want to hear it. So good night!

(Pie-fest 08!!!!!!!)

(Danielle and Travis's hostess pie, lol)

(Heather craftily devised a train for Lincoln to drive around, he was SOOO CUTE!!!)


Brianne said...

Where to begin...I sure missed my mother's stuffing! YUM. Pie fest looked like a fun party and a great success. I miss Lincoln so much, he is one of the cutest little boy's I have EVER seen. Thanks a lot for posting pictures of the festivities. If it weren't for you I would never know what goes on. So I am grateful for you this Thanksgiving!

Scott, Rachael, and Duke said...

looks like we really missed out! Miss you guys!

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