Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Darn Deceptive Days

I am sitting here with my Starbucks hot chocolate starring through a huge window that would have me believe today is a warm, "going outside friendly" day. It angers me, although it looks perfectly sunny and the trees' leaves are sparkling gold under the sunlight every time I go outside, I am blasted with frigid air so much so that I always end up back inside with red ears, rosy cheeks, and pretty much the whole package one gets after walking through a cold environment. The worst part? As I am sitting here looking at the window I still want to go out, even though I know I am going to repeat my earlier process.

Oh well, moving on. Who knows it may actually be warmer outside now that it is a little later (later meaning a half hour since my last attempt). Last Friday I went with my friend Samantha, my mom, my Aunt Kristan, and two of their friends to go see the movie Twilight at a Twilight premiere in Sandy.I went into the movie literally expecting nothing, Aside from how cheesy the trailers made it look, I have seen the director's earlier work and I didn't really care for it, and as far as I was concerned movies are never as good as the books so I didn't want to get my hopes up. But I was actually really impressed with what she did with it, and to my surprise I didn't mind who they chose for the cast that much. I wish she would have given the Cullens a little more a developed role in the movie, although I know they did not have a huge role in the first book either. The premiere party was sweet! Seriously! It was put together by "twilight moms" I didn't even know they existed till my Aunt bought the tickets. The event was really neat! I loved the theater because it had assigned seats so I didn't have to do the whole wait in line for six hours bit, that part rocked!

(Alright I just have to say that the person who took the photo made me bend forward, I know it looks super awkward, like I am protruding out of the photo:(...)

(Oh ha ha, side note! I thought I would add this because it is funny and these things really only happen to me. On our way to the premiere we were driving in my Aunts new really nice car. I can't remember who, but someone earlier had given Sam and me gum, after awhile it began to lose its flavor as gum does. Sam rolled down the window and threw hers out, as I rolled down my window to dispose of mine I remember distinctly thinking that it would probably hit a car with my luck. (Keep in mind that we were on the freeway and my aunt is a speedy driver especially when she has some place she wants to be so we were going really fast) However, I reminded myself that nothing happened when Sam did it, but threw it extra hard out the window just in case. The gum went out, and speedily in a perfect parabola shape came right back and hit the side of my aunt's car. SMACK! The sound it made was so loud that everyone in the car heard it. I felt so bad! Luckily though it didn't stick, and if it did it didn't for very long because when we arrived at the theater there was no sign of it or its landing place...Moral of the story...don't throw gum out a window it is a annoying and it can fly right back at you if you have my luck.)

---------3 Things: Good books, days when I am not clumsy, hot chocolate!

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