Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Post About Japan

Social media can be a very valuable thing, especially in times of crisis. It never fails to amaze me when I realize how connected our world has become.  Social networks have been buzzing since the 11th of ways to take action, find loved ones, or just raise awareness. Facebook alone counted 4.5 million status updates from 3.8 million users across the world on March 11 that mentioned “Japan,” “earthquake” or “tsunami.” The  animated graphic below reflects this in 10 different points in time.. (You may have to click on the image to see the animated version or go here)

I am glad that the Internet exists, how else could a girl across the planet have any hope of  helping the victims overseas or receive accurate up-to-date information? The tsunami and earthquake may have passed but the recovery has just begun. (Not to mention, the situation could become worse depending on what happens at the Fukushima nuclear power plant...)

Social media makes donating to relief efforts such as the American Red Cross or Save the Children easy. If you aren't very good with the Internet and taking advantage of social media (I was one of them...twitter still confuses me.) There is a web page that explains how in seven simple easy ways. Click here to view the page.

Too often I hear people whining and griping about the "evils technology have brought to our society," but look at how the social media has been used in this crisis. In fact, Monica Diaz of the Red Cross Los Angeles chapter said that "the best way anyone can help is by going online."

How Facebook Users Reacted...

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