Monday, March 14, 2011

Do I Have To?

Image via: Real Simple

I am the exact opposite of a person with a foot fetish. I don't know why but feet have always grossed me out a little. Unless they belong to an infant (who could hate those cute things?) I don't want to spend a lot of time touching them, looking at them, working with them...etc. I will give myself pedicures and take care of my feet as far as I have to but that is the extent of my relationship with the appendages. So imagine how thrilled I was to learn that this week in my intermediate life drawing class we were going to spend all week studying and learning about the foot.

Actually, I was okay with that part. The feet are a tricky part of the body to do correctly and I could always use more practice. What I am dragging my feet about (no pun intended...well maybe it was a little intended) is that I have to draw 25 feet from life. This means I get to go around asking people if I can draw their feet (alone). Tell me that question wouldn't make me sound like a total creeper? Ha ha a boy in my class when he found out our assignment joked and said he was going to ask people if "they would remove their shoes slowly" before he began to draw them. Oh man.

Personal creepiness aside, as I mentioned above other people's feet gross me out. Lets face facts, most people's feet do not look like the pair in the image above. They are dry, cracked, and smelly.

Aw well, I guess I will quit whining and just get to work.

Until next time.

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