Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bowls For Humanity

Provo has a new Food and Care Coalition building and I have a new bowl! Like it?

Last Friday Provo's Food and Care Coalition hosted the 5th annual Bowls For Humanity in their new building and used soup as a tool to fight local homelessness and hunger. Local potters-both amateur and professional-donated one-of-a-kind bowls for the evening. These bowls were sold at the fundraiser for $5-$20, and with each purchase people were given a dinner of soup, a roll, and a water bottle.

The proceeds went to help the Food and Care Coalition operate and run their new building which offers services such as dental care, temporary housing, showers, eye exams, laundry facilities and three square meals a day. The new building's  mission is to provide a place that will inspire hope, confidence, safety and help the people get back on their feet. (You can click here to read their mission statement)
Over 900 people packed in to join a night of music, fun and soup. Over 3000 pots were donated and before the night was over they ran out! It was neat to see how much people care. In addition to the handmade ceramic bowls, flowers, food, and advertisements were all donated. And all the services I mentioned above are only available because people donate their time and talents.

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