Sunday, March 13, 2011

Major Pangs

I love the art program I am in, I truly do. They don't accept that many people and I worked too hard to be accepted into my program to change my major now. Even so, every now and again I find myself worrying if I chose the right major. If I should instead be studying in the David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies. I love learning about life in other countries and I want to travel to A LOT of places.

Even if I am not an "international relations" student, I still take the classes they offer and participate in their forums and events. Through that program I have been able to meet, listen, and on some occasions have lunch with, an ambassador from almost every country. Not to mention listen to some other rad people such as Greg Mortenson, Condoleezza Rice, and Paul Rusesabagina.

This past week I was able to listen to Ambassador Hem Heng of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Even though the room he spoke in was filled with mostly Caucasian students, almost everyone in it spoke the Khmer language...I felt a little out of place. When the Ambassador spoke he discussed his country's past and present and the history of the U.S.'s relation with them. It would seem that our two countries which are now allies have had a rather rocky past together.

I am glad Ambassador Hem Heng and his wife were able to visit Provo. It was great learning about Cambodia. My knowledge of the country was basic and left much for wanting beforehand. Unfortunately, this time I couldn't meet Ambassador Hem Heng. After he spoke I had to run and finish a project. I look forward to next week's visitor, the Ukrainian Ambassador Olexander Motsyk. If you live in Provo or near it you should come!

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