Monday, March 14, 2011

The Weekend Ended Too Soon...

This weekend was exactly what I needed! On Friday my friends' bands, Shawty & The Beast, Apt, and Chance Lewis played a free hip-hop show at Sammy's.

After the show I went and danced all night at Dance Dance Vinyl Monster! It was so much fun and I needed the release that dancing offers!

On Saturday, I was able to go to a lot of good concerts! Book on Tapeworm performed and to my great delight announced that they are in the process of recording! Yesss!!! Also, Wild Apples and Ferocious Oaks played a fun show at Muse. After the concerts we all went and ate and hung out at Village Inn.

Thank you all of my friends for the great weekend!

Here are some video clips of the show at Sammy's. These videos aren't of my friends' performances. Unfortunately I showed up a little late and only caught the last group.


Shelby said...

How fun! You look gorgeous!

Ashley Grace said...

Thanks Shelby :) I need to come visit you and John!

What have you two been up to as of late?